April 18, 2007 08:15 ET - More Than Driving Jobs!

So Much to Offer; Too Many Were Missed

AMBLER, PA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 18, 2007 -- Trucking offers a lot more than driving jobs; too often we fail to recognize all of the opportunities available in the transportation industry. Sure, we need drivers, every Internet job board and trucking paper is filled with ads from trucking companies offering large incentives for drivers to abandon one job for another. We have essentially ignored all of the other important positions of our industry. We must entice newly educated employees as well as experienced truck people to sell, service, support and grow our industry., one of the most popular and long lasting truck industry web sites / job boards, will concentrate a major part of their job board / web site on placing truck Technicians, Sales, Parts, Leasing and Logistics personnel. Their revised site features videos explaining requirements as well as interesting job descriptions to introduce and induce new candidates to the opportunities and compensation offered by our industry. owner, George Ruch, points out, "It would take expensive classified ads in every major newspaper in the country to equal the recruiting power of just one ad posted on our web site. We intend to pay attention to all professions needed to keep our trucks on the road. Each position has equal importance in the focus of

"We refuse to be just one more web site. We understand that driver candidates will continue to visit our site. Drivers are important and we do not plan to abandon them. maintains a 'Search' section and has set aside an area with direct links to the better, professional sites catering to new and experienced drivers, plus we retain our current videos and information regarding driving as a profession."

The Internet is today's way to advertise and explore employment opportunities. Employers can advertise worldwide all on one web site providing more information about their companies and job requirements than any classified newspaper ad. Eliminating the "recycling" of area "job hoppers." Job seekers everywhere can view opportunities and respond in real time.

Truckjobs says "No Monsters Here!" points out that they are an industry specific web site, aimed directly at "Truck People." Currently ranked in the top five Internet employment sites by Blackwood - Productions, started in 1996. They anticipate over 2,000,000 visitors in 2007.

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