November 26, 2013 08:00 ET

Trucks Take Top Spot on Canadians' 2013 Automotive Wish List

Year-end stats highlight what wheels were most coveted

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Nov. 26, 2013) - Canadians had a lot to haul around in 2013, if the annual list of most sought after vehicles on is any indication.

The latest statistics, released today by, Canada's largest online marketplace for vehicles, include Top Ten lists of the most searched vehicles in each province across the country. With 200,594,817 searches, Ford's F-150 pickup truck was the most coveted vehicle in Canada throughout 2013, reclaiming the same spot it took in 2012.

While the F-150 gets the national nod, Honda's Civic ranked second, with 157,885,652 searches, while the Ford Mustang rounded out the top three with 97,828,334 searches (a full Top 10 list is below). Regionally, the F-150 was also the most searched vehicle in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario. The Civic took the top spot in Quebec and throughout the Maritimes, but was followed closely by the F-150 in those regions as well.

Trucks were a theme throughout Western Canada, with other makes and models such as the Toyota Tacoma, Dodge Ram 1500, GMC Sierra 1500 and Chevrolet Silverado all with strong showings in regional Top 10 lists in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

And while the F-150 took top honours in Ontario, the rest of Ontario's Top 10 was dominated by imports, with models from Honda, Audi, Mazda, Volkswagen and Porsche all making the cut.

Ian MacDonald, Director of Consumer Marketing at, says that while the F-150 and other trucks are perennial favorites in Western Canada, where utilitarian demands run deep, the F-150's popularity in BC, Ontario and Quebec is a definite standout for 2013. "Typically, drivers in urban centres like Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal are looking to buy with fuel economy in mind. And that's evident with the other makes and models that have made the list in those corresponding provinces."

The data, MacDonald adds, also indicates that car buyers in the Prairies and Maritimes lean more toward domestic nameplates such as Ford, GMC, Chevy and Dodge, while imports rule in the rest of the country.

Ford's F-150 was also tops when it came to searches for cars with list prices of less than $20,000, followed by the Honda Civic and Accord. The Ford Mustang led the pack for searches of cars priced greater than $20,000, followed by the Porsche 911 and Audi A4. The Porsche 911 outpaced all others for searches of cars priced over $50,000. The BMW X6 and Lamborghini Gallardo round out the top three in that category. Top 10 Searched Cars in 2013

Make Model Total Views
1. Ford F-150 200,594,817
2. Honda Civic 157,885,652
3. Ford Mustang 97,828,334
4. Mazda MAZDA3 76,658,489
5. Porsche 911 72,288,578
6. Ford Escape 70,461,154
7. Audi A4 70,404,859
8. Honda Accord 69,338,291
9. VW Jetta 68,334,112
10. Dodge Ram 1500 67,184,533

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