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February 11, 2013 07:03 ET

True Love Found in the Simple Gift of Legal and General's Life Insurance

Farewell to flowers, protect your partner with real romance

SURREY, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Feb. 11, 2013) - Another year means another Valentine's Day and with it the arrival of roses, chocolates, cards, super-sized cuddly toys and a range of other trifles and trinkets.

While the sentiment is very sweet, the passing of the day is quick and gifts that are eaten and need to be thrown away become a memory; a trace of a present that has no staying power and is no reflection of True Love.

A Multibionta survey in 2011 revealed that gestures topped trinkets. In memory, they had the staying power. Through the thick of commercial sentiments, something everlasting, elevated above the red and pink hearts, is the grandest gesture of all: the less orthodox gift of life insurance.

Though it may not be the most obvious choice, it is certainly the most long-lasting and economical. A British Retail Consortium survey conducted in 2007 found that the average person spends over £90 on Valentine's Day for their partner. A sizeable amount of money that leaves no lasting imprint.

However, with providers offering the best life insurance policies for £6 a month, the cost of taking care of a loved one, in the most sincere, real and effective way, is not only cheaper, but the gift truly does keep giving.

There are different policies to suit individuals too, from critical illness to mortgage life insurance. The best way to get a sense of where your money's going is to look and get an online life insurance quote and gauge the cost of protection.

It is a gift that may not have the sweetness of sparkles and sugar, but those gifts can become overblown gimmicks that mean nothing. The present of life insurance says a lot more about the recipient, whose life is worth more than a box of chocolates.

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