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True Pheromones

December 24, 2010 17:18 ET

True Pheromones Presents Fireworks™ Oil Based Pheromone Oil

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec. 24, 2010) -  

Pheromones – The Secret Weapon of Attraction

You don't have to be born with good looks to be popular – sometimes a little charm can go a long way. But there's a secret weapon that those charming people aren't telling you about – one that can double your appeal to the opposite sex almost instantly, no gym membership required. It's based on the natural science of sexual attraction and it's proven to enhance your love life. That secret weapon is pheromones

Fireworks™ Oil Based Pheromone Oil

 DOUBLE the strength of the spray-on version - This potent oil based pheromone cologne contains pure Androstenone – the strongest and most sexual of the male pheromones.

• All it takes is one application to make you irresistible to women. 

• Because this version of Fireworks™ is oil based, it releases slowly throughout the day and lasts longer than the spray-on version. 

• A few drops can last up to 10 hours. This product is double the strength of the spray-on version.

Fireworks™ contains only Androstenone - the single most potent sexual pheromone in men.

Why Androstenone? 

- This is the king of all men's pheromones and the base of our entire product line

Gives women that sense of masculinity and dominance

- Gives you that "alpha male" vibe women are hard-wired to respond to

- Due to its assertive nature, people surrounding you will act more respectfully and polite

- BY FAR the most powerful and active sexual pheromone in men

- Suggested products in order of strength - Fireworks (double strength oil based slow release), Fireworks (spray-on), TRUE Jerk (androstenone w/ copulins)

We Guarantee Our Pheromones will be Effective for you or YOUR MONEY BACK!

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