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True Pheromones

June 28, 2011 16:43 ET

True Pheromones Review: The Effects of Pheromones Differ from Individual-to-Individual & Female to Male

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 28, 2011) -True Pheromones Staff: Modern day psychoanalytical information on the socio-sexual interaction of humans stems from historic intellects such as Sigmund Freud, B.F. Skinner, and so on. They have based their research on what our 5 senses can touch, see, smell, taste, and hear.

Our understanding of social behaviours has evolved from what we are biologically hard-wired with. Now more than ever, up and coming research solidifies the application of pheromones can affect preconditioned responses in humans.

Pheromones are air-borne communicators that send messages and in turn elicit a response from individuals in the same vicinity. The manner in which men and women react to these pheromone molecules does differ between the two sexes.

A study on the affects of pheromones subjected female participants to male sweat samples (containing pheromones) from men that were related and unrelated to them. Women generally had a preference to the unrelated male sweat sample compared to the related sample. Furthermore, females expressed a complete dislike to the related male sweat sample, describing the smell as unpleasant.

Trials on men include males applying pheromones prior to work. During their day, they are more trustworthy and feel more respected in their workplace.

The difference between sexes is evident and the affects of pheromones are obviously varying because of the way men and women are hardwired. When women are subjected to pheromones it affects their sexual attraction, bonding, and who they choose to partner with. However, for men it relates to their ability to feel sexually attracted and especially how they are respected in a social situation.

Pheromones affect individuals differently and can elicit different responses in everyone. It is up to the user to increase or decrease the amount of pheromone that is topically applied to ensure the most effective results. Everyone is different so use dosage guides as a general guidance, but adjust accordingly depending on your individual specifications.

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