True Pheromones

True Pheromones

July 01, 2011 17:24 ET

True Pheromones Review: The Link Between What You Are Eating and Pheromones Exposure

TORONTO, CANADA--(Marketwire - July 1, 2011) - True Pheromones Education Staff: Pheromones can be powerful tools used to elicit internal responses. These conditioned responses result in a certain behaviour.

There has been no conclusive data done on the relationship between pheromones and eating behaviours. However many researchers have looked into the possibility of the effects of pheromones that are shared between partners, when they cohabitate with one another.

Physiologically, women that are underweight are less likely to have successful pregnancies. When a female moves in with her male partner, she is in turn exposed to higher concentrations to his pheromones.

This increased exposure of male pheromones theoretically, conditions a woman subconsciously to the possibility to procreate with this man. Biologically, this male's pheromones are preparing her for a child they would have together.

In turn the natural female response is to gain weight, so that she can retain that pregnancy. Females may see an increase in appetite or craving for more food due to the new living arrangements. All for the preparation of conceiving and being able to properly carry a baby.

Women will be exposed to men's natural pheromones, no matter how much they may want to resist it. Instead of denying yourself of your partner's pheromones, play on them and use them to your advantage. Introducing sexual activity ignited by these shared pheromones is a great way to fight weight loss, increase activity, and build a closer bond with your partner.

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