April 15, 2011 10:47 ET

The True Value of Customer Service and Good Caller Etiquette is Priceless, Says Phruit

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - April 15, 2011) - Investing in the latest technology and working with accurate data are both essential elements for a successful contact centre business. However, the true value of customer service and good caller etiquette must never be underestimated, says leading telemarketing company, Phruit. Being in the front line of the business, it is important that staff assume the right attitude and undergo relevant training on a regular basis.

Says Ewa Harrison of Phruit, "We advocate high levels of customer service and are committed to training staff to ensure they are always able to give 100 per cent in this area. In our training sessions, we teach techniques to encourage trainee call centre operatives to get the most from the call and most importantly, that the recipient is left with a good impression following the call. We teach staff to listen carefully, not to talk over someone and to adapt their approach to different audiences accordingly. For instance, if there is someone hard of hearing on the phone who speaks loudly and slowly, it is important to mirror this so they do not miss any of the conversation. We encourage techniques such as verbal 'nods' – letting the customer know staff are listening – and paraphrasing conversations to clarify a response and minimise misinterpretation."

This is backed up at Phruit by regular call monitoring. Agent calls are monitored and reviewed weekly to allow for on-going improvement and for use in training. The agent can then learn from calls and fully appreciate where improvements can be made.

Harrison added, "Even those agents who have a 100% rating in terms of their call handling are monitored weekly - there's always room for improvement. We also believe it's important to tailor the calls to the person we're speaking to ensuring that the product or service being discussed is relevant. Identifying with their needs and requirements helps us to help them – this in turn means we provide a better service".

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