January 27, 2010 08:57 ET Announces the Best Deals on Hybrids

Authority on New Car Pricing Looks to Help Those Who Want to Go Green AND Save Green

SANTA MONICA, CA--(Marketwire - January 27, 2010) - TrueCar, Inc. (, the authority for new car pricing, announces the top ten best deals for 2009 and 2010 model hybrids.

The lists, topped by the 2009 Nissan Altima and the 2010 Ford Escape, were compiled using's multitude of data sources and are based on actual transaction data for new car sales across the U.S.

"Over the last year, gas prices have quietly risen 46%," said Jesse Toprak, Vice President of Industry Trends & Insights. "When gas prices were at $1.50/gallon then rose suddenly to $3/gallon, many consumers felt the need to get a hybrid. Now that we have been at that level for so long, we've become immune to the expense and a hybrid isn't as much of a priority as we think they should be. That's why we did this tell consumers about the best new car deals to help them go green."

The list is made up of the models on which consumers can get the best deals. These discounts are calculated based on transaction data, current customer and dealer incentives as well as federal tax credits.

Top Ten 2010 Hybrid Models By Discount from MSRP

                                                     Net Price
                                                     After Tax     Discount
                                                    Credit and       from
       Make                  Trim          MSRP    All Incentives    MSRP

1  Ford Escape        FWD 4dr Hybrid      $30,585     $26,306        14.0%
2  Nissan Altima      4dr Sedan I4        $27,500     $23,795        13.5%
                      eCVT Hybrid
3  Mercury Mariner    FWD 4dr Hybrid      $30,830     $26,861        12.9%
4  Chevrolet          2WD Crew Cab        $39,335     $34,428        12.5%
   Siverado 1500      143.5IN 1HY
5  Cadillac Escalade  4WD 4dr Platinum    $88,675     $78,453        11.5%
6  Mercury Mariner    4WD 4dr Hybrid      $32,580     $29,046        10.8%
7  Chevrolet Malibu   4dr Sedan Hybrid    $26,645     $24,154         9.3%
8  Lexus LS600h L     4dr Sedan Hybrid    $109,675   $100,284         8.6%
9  GMC Yukon          4WD 4dr Denali      $62,295     $57,072         8.4%
10 Ford Fusion        4dr Sedan           $28,675     $26,744         6.7%
                      Hybrid FWD

Top Ten 2009 Hybrid Models By Discount from MSRP

                                                     Net Price
                                                     After Tax     Discount
       Make/                                        Credit and       from
       Model                 Trim          MSRP    All Incentives    MSRP

1  Nissan Altima      4dr Sedan I4 eCVT   $27,370     $19,600        28.4%
2  Mazda Tribute      FWD I4 Touring      $28,925     $21,061        27.2%
3  Chevrolet Malibu   4dr Sedan           $26,275     $21,054        19.9%
4  Lexus LS 600h L    4dr Sedan          $106,910     $88,265        17.4%
5  Dodge Durango      4WD 4dr Limited     $45,890     $37,917        17.4%
6  Mercury Mariner    FWD 4dr I4          $30,815     $25,689        16.6%
7  Chrysler Aspen     AWD 4dr Limited     $46,120     $38,890        15.7%
8  Ford Escape        FWD 4dr I4 CVT      $30,370     $25,867        14.8%
9  Saturn Aura        4dr Sedan           $27,045     $24,172        10.6%
10 GMC Yukon          2WD 4dr             $51,870     $46,674        10.0%

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