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October 27, 2009 11:33 ET

Truehope Challenges Health Canada in Federal Courts Claiming Constitutional Breach

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Oct. 27, 2009) -

A small Alberta vitamin and mineral company called Truehope will finally have its day in court beginning Monday, November 2 when the Federal Court in Calgary will determine the legality and constitutionality of Health Canada's 2003 seizure of a vitamin and mineral combination (EMPowerplus) being used by thousands of Canadians for the prevention of bipolar symptoms.

Years of court battles over the seizure that left hundreds of desperate Canadians caught in the middle of a regulatory battle have, thus far, amounted to nothing but a huge waste of tax payer dollars. In 2004 Health Canada charged Truehope owners with the illegal sale of a drug, but the courts found them innocent of all wrong doing and demanded the Truehope vitamin and mineral supplements continue to be made available to Canadians. Furthermore, in his final judgment, Judge G.M. Meagher concluded that even as Health Canada agents were denying access to the supplement they were fully aware that their actions would result in harm or danger to those who depended on the product for their health.(1) In the 2006 Alberta Court case the Canadian Mental Health Association's, Alberta Director, Ron Lajeunesse bore witness that because of Health Canada's actions in removing the supplement innocent Canadians lost hope and committed suicide.

Truehope co-founder Anthony Stephan claims that if the constitutional challenge is successful Health Canada will no longer be able to remove a product from the market without first proving in court that the removal will not harm Canadians who use it for their health. "Canadians are harmed when viable natural treatments or preventions are taken away. Drugs should not be the only option for Canadians who choose health. The judgment will extend protection to all Canadians and to all natural health products."

Current Health Canada regulations allow bureaucrats to remove natural products at will without any accountability to Canadians for their actions.(2) "We think this kind of unconstitutional free-for-all opens the door for corruption and for big pharma lobby, and closes the door on individual freedom and choice in personal health care," says Stephan.

Truehope is the producer of EMPowerplus a natural formula, which has assisted over 56,000 people with mood disorders. Independent research has produced twelve peer reviewed medical journal publishings, which have demonstrated efficacy and safety of the product.

The Court is open to public attendance daily from 9:30 – 4:30. The Truehope case commences November 2nd until Nov 20th at the Calgary Federal Court, 635 8th Ave. S.W. Calgary, AB.

For full court documents or further comments please contact: Anthony Stephan.

(1) Citation: R. v. Synergy Group of Canada, Inc., 2006 ABPC 196, pg 11-12 [45]

(2) Food and Drugs Act, sect. 23 (1)(d) and 26

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