September 20, 2011 06:00 ET

TruGreen-Effective Lawn Care, and Tree and Shrub Care During Drought Conditions

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE--(Marketwire - Sept. 20, 2011) - Across the United States above-normal temperatures combined with record lack of rainfall have placed lawns, trees and shrubs under considerable stress. As a result, many communities have had to restrict watering of lawns and landscapes, making lawn care, and tree and shrub care difficult.

TruGreen, the nation's largest professional lawn care service, regularly monitors U.S. weather data to enable the company's trained lawn care specialists to effectively address local agronomic conditions while promoting responsible water conservation. Here are some tips from TruGreen on how to maintain effective landscaping and during drought conditions.

Tree, shrub and lawn care to keep your landscaping healthy and hydrated

Irrigation Efficiency: Ensure sprinkler heads and related water lines are working properly and that the irrigation system provides sufficient coverage. Low water pressure will affect coverage.

Water Restrictions Awareness: Become familiar with any local watering restrictions related to lawn care. Light watering too often is not as effective as a slow, thorough watering (about one inch) once or twice a week, optimally in the early morning. Adjust watering times and cycles if needed to provide for one inch of water.

Pest Problems: Undiagnosed infestation of lawn insects and build up of mites and insects on shrubs can also enhance the risk of plants' susceptibility to further decline from drought conditions. Ask a lawn care professional, such as TruGreen about nuisance pest control, today.

Feed: Lawns, trees and shrubs require proper nutrition to encourage healthy growth and the ability to recover from drought damage. Use a trained professional lawn care company, such as TruGreen, that offers customized lawn care and tree and shrub care based on the specific needs of the homeowner's region.

Mowing Schedule: Mow grass as needed and not as a scheduled weekly lawn care chore. Avoid mowing in the heat of day or if the lawn is extremely dry to allow the lawn to bounce back during the cooler temperatures of night. To help promote moisture retention and to prevent shock, disease and insects, do not cut more than one-third of the grass leaf blade and mow at the highest recommended height for your grass type.

Mulch: Return grass clippings to the soil for added lawn nutrients. Apply three inches of organic mulch to base of shrubs and trees to help conserve soil moisture and to reduce weed pressure, but be mindful not to cover the trunk flare of the tree base.

About TruGreen

TruGreen is the nation's largest lawn care company, serving more than 2.5 million residential and commercial customers across the United States with lawn care, and tree and shrub care. As the industry leader, TruGreen continues to pioneer the development of new technology for lawn care and devotes substantial resources to evaluate new products and equipment. The company is committed to responsible lawn care, including offering and promoting the use of natural, organic services and sustainable practices. TruGreen is part of the ServiceMaster family of brands, one of the world's largest and most versatile service networks.

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