SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

June 10, 2009 11:17 ET

Truly Automatic Defrag: Saving IT Funds

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - June 10, 2009) - In today's economy, there are a number of critical issues that IT could certainly live without. One would be the necessity for new hardware as older equipment reaches the end of its lifecycle or simply burns out. Another would be the oftentimes vain search for maintenance time windows on servers that require constant uptime. Yet another would be the addition of overtime hours, stretching an already maxed-out budget to its limit.

Taking a closer look, there can be a common cause for all of these problems. The weakest link in the "hardware chain" is the hard drive, simply due to the fact it is the only component with mechanical moving parts. If it is overly taxed with extra read/write head movement, its life is considerably shortened. File fragmentation, because it causes a substantial amount of extra I/O traffic, imposes this head movement and reduces the life of a drive.

An increasing number of sites have moved over to 24x7 operations due to the Web and other factors. Because of this, utilities such as scheduled defragmentation have become difficult to run. Time windows during which users are off the system have all but disappeared, leaving system personnel little choice but to either run the utility when users are on the system or to put it off as long as possible. Both ways performance and reliability are drastically impacted and both employee and system production suffer -- cutting right into the bottom line.

Scheduled defragmentation also requires additional time to schedule. This is something that much of the time falls into IT overtime, as does manual defragmentation which many sites are forced to perform whenever possible due to having no other solution. A defrag solution that can only be run periodically and that costs an enterprise additional funds to operate is obviously no solution at all.

Diskeeper® 2009 fully automatic defrag with its proprietary InvisiTasking® technology provides a real solution to all of these issues. Because files are consistently defragmented, disk head movement is reduced and full expected life can be obtained from drives. Defrag occurs using only otherwise-idle resources, so no scheduling is ever required. IT overtime is no longer needed for scheduling or manual defrag. There is never a negative performance hit from defrag, so users only experience maximized performance and reliability.

In this time of economic crisis, Diskeeper's truly automatic defrag saves valuable IT funds where it counts.

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