August 08, 2016 14:27 ET

Trump Turbulence Hits Toronto Clothier

Campaign Questioning Trump's Character Creates Canada-Wide Controversy

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - Aug. 8, 2016) - A line of 'Dump Trump' ties, created and designed by Toronto's Vassi Menswear aren't set to be unveiled to the public until a Bay Street event on Wednesday, but they have already generated several hundred media hits, comments, angry calls and kudos for the designer.

Vassi owner and designer Andre Vassi says he is recovering from a 'Trumptastic' week filled with equal parts supportive and angry calls and emails about the controversial campaign.

He's personally taken over 20 calls at the Vassi First Canadian location (all last Friday after the bulk of media coverage appeared online) in between serving clients and operating the store. He says half have been from Canadians supporting the Dump Trump tie initiative but the other half have been negative about the campaign, critical of Hillary Clinton and even angry that he's calling out Trump on character.

Vassi reports Over 35 emails so far have come in since Friday as well. Here are some highlights and lowlights of the procession of passionate politicos (spelling mistakes and all):

"You liberal Canadian a@@holes should keep your nose out of other countries business. If you want to do some good make a Jihad Justin tie."

"Andre you are a left wing hack, i don't know how you became that stupid to get mixed up in american politics, look around at what the muslim world is preaching and doing, not all but the majority."

"There are more parents coming out to the defense of DT than you obviously care to listen too!"

"You make me proud to be Canadian! Everything about this article oozes "a Gentleman and a Scholar". Thank you"

"I am in Italy on a family vacation and just left the Amalfi Coast when I started to read my on-line newspapers and came across the article today.... well done."

"This was always a campaign about Trump's character, not politics," said Andre Vassi, owner and designer of Vassi Menswear. "We expected to raise some eyebrows while raising money for these two great causes, but never anticipated becoming the lightning rod for the Dump Trump debate in Canada.

Vassi is awaiting the true response of Torontonians at the Dump Trump Tie launch event this Wednesday at Noon at his First Canadian Place location.

Event Details:

What: Launch of Vassi's Dump Trump line of ties, the most 'debatable' tie of 2016.

When: Wednesday, August 10, 2016 - 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Where: Vassi Menswear - First Canadian Place, street level, 100 King Street West

Vassi created the original 'Undercover Trump Dumper' after Trump internationally mocked New York Times reporter Serge F. Kovaleski for his physical disability. Profits from that tie will support the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. He designed a second tie after Trump's shocking response to the family of slain Muslim American soldier Capt. Humayun Khan during the Democratic National Convention. In honour of the Khan family and all Gold Star families of fallen soldiers, Vassi has designed a Gold Star 'Dump Trump' tie. All profits will go to an American anti-bullying charity of the Khans' choice.

About the Gold Star 'Dump Trump' Tie

The tie features gold stars on the front, a purple heart in the lower left corner of the tie and an 'HK' in honour of Capt. Humayun Khan. Like the original 'Dump Trump' tie, the gold star tie has a bold 'Dump Trump' statement on the back.

The Gold Star tie was designed to honor the Khans. All profits will be donated to an American anti-bullying charity of the Khans' choice.

About the Dump Trump Tie 1.0

Featuring multi-coloured dump trucks on the front and a bold 'Dump Trump' statement in text on the back, Vassi's 'Dump Trump' tie allows the well-dressed Bay Street man to both embrace the US political circus in a fun way, and potentially be an 'Undercover Trump Dumper.'

Vassi designed the Dump Trump tie because he believes that fashion, at its best, should relate to current social events and reflect the mood of the public.

The Dump Trump Tie is available in three colours: 'Great again' Grey Blue, 'Gonna Be Huge' Basic Blue and 'Believe Me' Baby Blue.

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