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June 16, 2008 07:00 ET

Trusera Launches Online Health Network to Connect People Passionate About Taking Control of Their Health

A Site Dedicated to Helping People Share Relevant Experiences to Inform Important Health and Life Decisions

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - June 16, 2008) -

News Facts:

  • Trusera, an angel-funded, Seattle-based startup founded in 2007, today announced the launch of its online health network, which allows consumers to find and share real-world health experiences with others who've been there.
  • Led by former Amazon executive, Keith Schorsch, the company vision was based on Keith's own struggle with Lyme disease and the difficulty in finding credible health insights from others. After meeting with 11 doctors, it was one phone call from a friend that finally led to his diagnosis and saved his life.
  • During his diagnosis and recovery, Keith realized that there's actually too much health information on the Internet today. Many people find it overwhelming to navigate and hard to trust. He found the most useful information came from people with similar health experiences and their own personal health stories. He founded Trusera to inspire people to learn from each other to inform important health decisions.

The Community

There's power in sharing personal experience and knowledge to help others in their health journey. Trusera believes that people are more than just the sum of their conditions. They are multi-dimensional and need personalized solutions for a variety of life challenges when dealing with a health issue.

  • "ScrapAddict74" shares what doctors don't tell you about getting a mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She shares how she interpreted the doctor's diagnosis, what the procedure entails, and what to expect during recovery.
  • "Leana" wants to inspire action in others by sharing her health insights -- from useful tips on taming stress to the benefits of tai chi and her personal experiences with cancer and Asperger Syndrome.
  • "Maddy" shares tips on managing day-to-day life with two children on the autism spectrum. For example, she uses a creative picture-exchange communication system to help make getting in the car and picking up a big sister less of a struggle. She's also used a similar visual system to ease the transition of starting a new school or class.
  • "JoySuzanne" shares some of her favorite ways to support a friend or family member struggling with infertility. She offers helpful tips on how to effectively communicate and learn more about the topic.

Product Information

  • Today's health sites provide either generic medical information from experts or hard-to-qualify personal experiences on message boards and blogs. In contrast, Trusera uses technology to personalize the experience and surface the most relevant and useful content.
    • Personal Suggestions: Receive suggestions on other people or content that may be of interest, based on details in your profile and the content you share on the site. Get recommendations on similar stories so you can explore topics and make more connections to like-minded people.
    • Find Inspiration: The Trusera Muse Panel™ coaches you through the storytelling process by providing real-time suggestions and tips.
    • Find an Answer: Post questions to the community on Trusera and rate the best answers so that others know what worked for you.
    • Advanced Privacy Controls: Decide what information to share and with whom to share it. Keep a private journal, share a story with your Trusera friends only, or let the world benefit from your experience.

Quotes, attributable to Keith Schorsch, CEO and founder of Trusera:

  • "There's a sea change going on today in the consumer's health experience. People are increasingly taking control of their health. At Trusera, we are dedicated to putting the consumer at the center of their health experience so they can take a more active role and not just be a passive participant."
  • "At Trusera, we are focused on addressing the whole person, not just the patient. We invite everyone who wants to take control of their health to join us in building and growing the site by adding their health story and engaging in the conversation."

Quote, attributable to Lynne Dunbrack, Program Director of Health Industry Insights at IDC:

  • "As the health 2.0 space continues to evolve and the amount of health information online grows considerably, consumers are becoming more active participants in their health. However, even with the abundance of health information that's available, consumers are still left making decisions about what information is relevant and credible. Trusera uses keyword tagging, personal suggestion and a number of other tools to allow Trusera community members to self identify in a variety of ways (e.g., conditions, interests, demographics) and connect with others like themselves to get health insights by tapping the wisdom of the crowds. It's the insights you can get from someone who is walking in your shoes that is often most helpful; the questions people don't think to ask or are embarrassed to discuss with their physician."

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About Trusera

Led by former Amazon executive Keith Schorsch, Trusera is a Seattle-based company founded in 2007. The company vision is inspired by Keith's own struggle with Lyme disease. After meeting with 11 doctors, it was one phone call from a friend that finally led to his diagnosis and saved his life. Trusera ( is an online health network where you can find and share real-world experiences with others who've been there. The company is made up of experienced technology pioneers who share a passion for helping consumers take control of their health. Trusera is backed by a group of notable angel investors with executive-level experience at companies like Expedia, Amazon and Microsoft.

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