April 03, 2012 14:00 ET

TRUSTe Announces TRUSTed Mobile Ads -- the First Unified, Open Mobile Advertising Privacy Management Solution

Partners With Leading Mobile Players to Accelerate Adoption of Mobile Privacy Best Practices and Enable Mobile Advertising Innovation by Addressing Regulator and Consumer Concerns

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 3, 2012) - Today, at ad:tech San Francisco, TRUSTe, the leading global privacy management solutions provider, introduced TRUSTed Mobile Ads, the first unified mobile advertising privacy management solution. TRUSTed Mobile Ads supports mobile browsing and application privacy preferences across all platforms and devices. The solution addresses the evolving privacy compliance standards, growing consumer privacy concerns, and complicated technology requirements unique to the mobile ecosystem.

Developed in partnership with leading mobile advertisers, publishers, networks and platforms, TRUSTed Mobile Ads provides an end-to-end privacy management solution that enables businesses to deploy innovative advertising capabilities such as behavioral targeting, while providing consumers with transparency, choice, and control over the collection and use of their personal information. The solution builds upon TRUSTe's industry leading web advertising privacy management solution, TRUSTed Ads, and its industry leading mobile privacy management solutions, TRUSTed Apps, TRUSTed Mobile Websites, and the recently released Free Mobile Privacy Policy Service.

"The need for a standardized cross-platform approach to mobile privacy is essential to maximize mobile advertising opportunities, address growing regulatory concerns and build trust for consumers," said Chris Babel, CEO of TRUSTe. "With TRUSTed Mobile Ads, TRUSTe wants to bring our success as the largest DAA-approved online behavioral advertising compliance provider to the mobile ecosystem. With the support of our partners, we are fully committed to helping the industry take a proactive stance for mobile privacy compliance and consumer confidence."

"With the introduction of TRUSTed Mobile Ads, TRUSTe and its mobile partners are responding to a need for a standardized privacy management solution in the mobile marketing channel," said Stu Ingis, DAA General Counsel. "Regardless of the channel, the success of any online privacy program requires the support of multiple industry players. The DAA is working on standards that will ensure consumers are aware of their choices regarding the collection of data in the mobile environment -- providing trust through transparency."

TRUSTed Mobile Ads Addresses Critical Industry Pain Points
TRUSTe's solution is in direct response to increased regulatory scrutiny of mobile app privacy practices and increased consumer privacy concerns. TRUSTe research reveals a low level of privacy protection offered by mobile app developers -- and a high level of concern among consumers regarding their privacy online. Key findings from recent TRUSTe privacy research include:

  • Two thirds of mobile apps still lack privacy policies
  • Almost three-quarters of US consumers worry about their privacy when using mobile apps
  • Eighty-eight percent of US consumers indicate they will not do business with a company they do not believe protects their privacy

"Clear privacy practices that provide consumers with transparency, notice and choice are essential to maintaining trust with customers. It's good for the mobile industry and it's simply the right way to do business," said Michael Becker, North American Managing Director of the Mobile Marketing Association. "Through the work with the MMA's Privacy & Advocacy Committee, TRUSTe has been involved at the cutting edge of developing and creating privacy policies for the industry. We're thrilled to see TRUSTe continue to innovate and focus on industry growth."

TRUSTe Builds Industry Support with Key Partnerships
A cadre of leading mobile advertisers, publishers, networks and platforms have already signed on to roll-out TRUSTed Ads Mobile as part of our 'First Adopters' program, including: content publisher, Electronic Arts (EA); and ad networks and platforms, Greystripe, HasOffers, Human Demand, InMobi, Medialets, and Nexage.

"Partnering with TRUSTe allows us as an industry to present a unified front in meeting mobile regulatory requirements and protecting consumers' privacy," said Bernard Kim, SVP, Global Social & Mobile Publishing at EA. "EA is committed to leading the gaming industry in mobile privacy practices, and joining TRUSTe's First Adopter program will help us do that for an expanding audience playing across many different devices."

"Greystripe is looking forward to the partnership with TRUSTe in this cross-platform effort towards a regulatory solution in mobile privacy," said Jason Bier, CPO of ValueClick, Inc. "Providing more transparency and choice in the mobile ecosystem will improve the user experience and encourage innovation for the benefit of mobile consumers and advertisers."

"As a FirstAdopter, HasOffers is excited to partner with TRUSTe to deliver transparent and accountable interest-based advertising on our platform," said Peter Hamilton, CMO at HasOffers. "TRUSTed Mobile Ads gives us an all-in-one integrated solution that keeps us ahead of emerging mobile privacy issues and reassures customers that our platform follows privacy best practices."

"Today, mobile advertising and conversion tracking -- especially for apps -- is extremely fragmented with competing solutions that don't address the increasing privacy concerns of consumers," said Howie Schwartz, CEO and founder of Human Demand, a performance-focused mobile Demand Side Platform (DSP) built for app developers to optimize campaigns and acquire high value users. "We fully support TRUSTed Ads and look forward to integrating the new TRUSTed Mobile Ads solution with all of our ad exchange partners and mobile app advertisers. Our industry needs a focused leader to enable innovation and we have found it in our partnership with TRUSTe."

"The establishment of a comprehensive and standardized privacy solution is an important step for the continued growth of mobile as an advertising medium," said Eric Litman, CEO and founder of Medialets, the company that runs Medialets Private Marketplace, a fully transparent platform that lets advertisers plan, buy, execute and deliver ads on the mobile properties of the world's top publishers. "TRUSTe's valued brand and privacy expertise together with our industry-leading approach to mobile rich media advertising make a powerful combination to address the very real mobile privacy challenges ahead."

"Nexage is excited to be part of this effort -- it is an inclusive effort that brings the industry together and thoughtfully considers the relationship between privacy and commerce," said Ernie Cormier, CEO and president of Nexage. "As an exchange, our goal is to help shape and form solutions that enhance our customers' businesses and drive overall market liquidity. This effort represents a great opportunity to do both, while creating an enduring solution that the industry can rally behind."

About TRUSTed Mobile Ads
The TRUSTed Mobile Ads solution is built on a robust technology platform which accounts for current and future technology implementations, including a Mobile-optimized privacy preference management system that is compatible with existing device identification systems. The solution leverages an open, universal device identification mechanism, Trusted Preference Identifier (TPID), which enables user-invoked privacy preferences like opt-outs across both the mobile web and mobile apps space. The solution also includes a Mobile App Privacy SDK (for iOS and Android) and will soon include an easy to use application enabling consumers to manage their preferences and providing transparency across the entire mobile ecosystem.

TRUSTe's Mobile Ads also aligns with the DAA AdChoices principles and enables mobile providers to pursue the same level of leadership in delivering consumer transparency and choice as the successful DAA AdChoices program did for traditional web advertising. This unique and tightly integrated architecture delivers a solution that can operate seamlessly across all mobile devices and operating systems, allowing industry providers to better meet consumer expectations for a unified consumer privacy experience.

Easily accessed from a mobile ad, web page, or app, TRUSTed Mobile Ads delivers clear and meaningful disclosure to consumers about the collection of their personal data from mobile websites and applications so they can easily set their own 'Do Not Track' or Opt-out preferences.

TRUSTed Mobile Ads offers full global compatibility -- meeting privacy requirements in the U.S. as well as internationally, including standards in Europe and Asia.

For more information about TRUSTed Mobile Ads, call 888-878-7830 or email

About TRUSTe
TRUSTe is the leading privacy management solutions provider and offers a broad suite of solutions that enable companies to safely and efficiently handle the customer data powering their online businesses -- including advertising, cloud services, mobile applications, and websites. Over 5,000 web properties from top companies like Apple, AT&T, Disney, eBay, HP, Microsoft, Nationwide, and Yelp rely on TRUSTe to ensure compliance with evolving and complex privacy requirements. TRUSTe's mission, based on a "Truth in Privacy" framework, is built on a solid foundation of transparency, choice and accountability regarding the collection and use of personal information. TRUSTe's privacy seal is recognized and trusted by millions of consumers as a sign of responsible privacy practices. For additional information on TRUSTe and its offerings, please visit

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