August 26, 2011 10:46 ET

TRUSTe Develops TRUSTed Ads for Video to Deliver Comprehensive Privacy Support for Video and Rich Media Advertising

Largest DAA-Approved OBA Compliance Provider to Provide Privacy Solution for Fastest Growing Segment of Online Advertising

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 26, 2011) - TRUSTe, the leading online privacy solutions provider and the largest DAA-approved OBA compliance provider, today announced that its TRUSTed Ads OBA privacy platform will provide support for all flash video and rich media advertising -- one of the fastest growing segments in online advertising. With "TRUSTed Ads for Video," TRUSTe enables advertisers, agencies, networks, exchanges and publishers to extend their OBA services to all video and rich media formats, including pre-roll video advertisements, while simultaneously educating consumers about their privacy practices and ensuring adherence to all self-regulatory compliance requirements.

As part of its premiere launch, TRUSTe has partnered with to deliver TRUSTed Ads for Video through the Adap.Marketplace which currently serves more than 674 million video ad views a month according to recent comScore online video rankings. "Making sure that our company keeps pace with evolving industry requirements -- including OBA compliance -- is a priority for," said Toby Gabriner, President of "Integrating TRUSTed Ads directly into our platform provides advertisers and publishers with a consistent and recognized solution for communicating their online data privacy practices."

"The release of TRUSTed Ads for Video in partnership with exemplifies TRUSTe's existing leadership as the largest DAA-approved OBA compliance provider," said Chris Babel, CEO of TRUSTe. "TRUSTe feels strongly about informing consumers about their privacy choices -- yet doing it in a way that doesn't thwart industry innovation. As the fastest growing segment of the online advertising market, video advertising is an unstoppable force, and TRUSTe is excited to provide the most comprehensive OBA compliance services to this growing market. Integrating this capability further reflects our commitment to provide notice and choice not only on any platform but also for any medium."

The new TRUSTed Ads capability allows the DAA-approved AdChoices icon to be implemented directly in any flash advertising unit or website. With support for video and rich media -- through both Adobe's ActionScript and the VPAID (Video Player-Ad Interface Definition) standard -- customers can now seamlessly integrate the AdChoices icon into their creative video advertisements and content in addition to their display advertisements and HTML-based websites. TRUSTed Ads for Video leverages the robust TRUSTed Ads solution, which presently serves more than 10 billion AdChoices icons per month, and is under contract to serve 50 billion impressions per month.

TRUSTed Ads for Video is available immediately at no additional charge for TRUSTed Ads customers.

TRUSTe Meets Surging Need for OBA Compliance in Online Video Advertisements
Online video advertising represents the fastest growing segment of the online advertising market. Growing at approximately 40 percent per year, with a spending forecast to exceed $11 billion by 2016, according to MAGNAGLOBAL's 2011 Advertising Forecast, online video advertising leads all other mediums with a forecasted CAGR of 19.6 percent over the next five years. TRUSTed Ads for Video provides a DAA-approved privacy solution for this growing market from the largest DAA-approved OBA compliance provider -- also easily leveraged through a partnership -- the largest video ad exchange.

About TRUSTed Ads
TRUSTed Ads is the largest DAA-approved OBA compliance provider by sheer volume. TRUSTed Ads features the DAA's "Advertising Option Icon" as part of its self-regulatory program to provide consumers with clear notice and choice for OBA.

TRUSTed Ads provides consumers access to easy-to-understand educational material and concise advertisement notification and opt-out choices. TRUSTed Ads gives advertising companies the ability to provide a branded and customizable consumer privacy notice; simple tag implementation in advertising servers; and a detailed reporting and consumer feedback mechanism.

By providing a single integrated privacy platform for all online advertising compliance, TRUSTed Ads further allows the advertising community to:

  • Communicate responsible privacy practices to customers;
  • Keep pace with the rapidly evolving privacy landscape and regulatory changes; and
  • Provide consistent and recognized certification of all privacy practices.

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About TRUSTe
TRUSTe is the leading online privacy solutions provider and largest DAA-approved OBA compliance provider, delivering a broad suite of privacy services to help businesses build trust and increase engagement across all of their online channels -- including websites, mobile applications, advertising, cloud services, business analytics and email marketing. Over 4,000 web properties including those from top companies like Apple, AT&T, Disney, eBay, Facebook, HP, Microsoft, Nationwide, Pfizer and Yelp rely on TRUSTe to ensure compliance with evolving and complex privacy requirements. TRUSTe's mission, based on a "Truth in Privacy" framework, is built on a solid foundation of transparency, choice and accountability regarding the collection and use of personal information. TRUSTe's privacy seal is recognized and trusted by millions of consumers as a sign of responsible privacy practices. For additional information on TRUSTe and its offerings, please visit

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