October 04, 2010 12:30 ET

TRUSTe Launches TRUSTed Ads Privacy Platform

Extending TRUSTe's Current Privacy Program, New In-Ad Privacy Solution Allows Consumers to Make Clear and Comprehensive Choices on Behavioral Advertising

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - October 4, 2010) -  TRUSTe, the leading privacy trustmark and provider of privacy solutions, today launched 'TRUSTed Ads,' a powerful and customizable privacy platform that allows advertisers and website publishers to provide consumers with easy-to-access notice on online behavioral advertising (OBA) practices, as well as the ability for consumers to exercise opt-out choices from advertising networks. By inserting a clickable privacy notice icon into an online advertisement or directly on a web page, the TRUSTed Ads platform allows consumers to easily access information to make clear and comprehensive choices regarding their preferences on online behavioral advertising. Additionally, the TRUSTed Ads platform gives agencies, advertisers, networks and publishers a turnkey solution to provide evidence of compliance with the industry's well-received self-regulatory principles, as well as FTC guidelines.

Concurrent with the introduction of TRUSTed Ads, TRUSTe also announced today that it has partnered with leading advertising platforms to ensure easy implementation and ubiquitous access to the new privacy platform. The initial launch partners -- including AdSafe Media, DoubleVerify and PointRoll -- will support and distribute TRUSTed Ads through their own platforms.

"With TRUSTed Ads, TRUSTe is taking another big step forward in providing consumers with greater transparency and choice regarding their privacy," said Chris Babel, CEO of TRUSTe. "At the same time, TRUSTed Ads provides the industry -- from publishers to advertisers and networks -- with an end-to-end solution. Further, by partnering with high quality ad platforms and pre-integrating them, we are making adoption of our solution virtually effortless."

Compliant with FTC guidelines, TRUSTed Ads is currently being reviewed for certification for approved provider status by the advertising industry coalition's new governing body for ad privacy (4A's, AAF, ANA, DMA and IAB). As a function of working together, TRUSTe will also support use of the Advertising Option Icon for in-ad placements. The Advertising Option Icon indicates that the advertising is covered by the self-regulatory program, and by clicking on it consumers will be able to link to a clear disclosure statement regarding the data collection and use practices associated with the ad as well as an easy-to-use opt-out option. Interested companies engaged in behavioral advertising can register to participate in the easy-to-use consumer opt-out mechanism on the coalition's site. 

"I am excited about the introduction of TRUSTed Ads by TRUSTe and TRUSTe's decision to pursue becoming an approved provider that will use and support the Advertising Option Icon," said Linda Woolley, Executive Vice President, Government Affairs, DMA. "TRUSTed Ads is an innovative solution that leverages the highly-recognized TRUSTe brand, furthers the important principle of consumer education, and gives the industry a pragmatic solution."

About TRUSTed Ads
The TRUSTed Ads platform is an extension of a behavioral advertising notice and choice pilot program implemented by TRUSTe earlier this year. Several early adopter customers -- such as Publisher's Clearing House (PCH) -- have already been using the solution across more than 20 million impressions.

Featuring an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, the TRUSTed Ads platform offers:

  • a branded and customizable consumer landing experience;
  • easy-to-understand consumer educational material;
  • concise ad notification and opt-out choices;
  • metadata aggregation and deduplication;
  • simple tag implementation in ad servers, eliminating the need for advertisers to change ad tags, workflow, and ad serving;
  • lightweight html code for page-based notice; and
  • detailed reporting and a consumer feedback mechanism.

For more information about TRUSTed Ads, interested parties can go to

Major Ad Platforms to Deliver TRUSTed Ads
TRUSTe has already partnered with several leading advertising platforms -- including AdSafe Media, DoubleVerify and PointRoll -- to deliver TRUSTed Ads to their customer base of advertisers, ad networks and publishers. TRUSTed Ads gives their customers a turnkey solution for self regulation, requiring minimal work on their end.

"As a provider of online advertising brand protection and risk management solutions, AdSafe understands the value of accountability in the world of online privacy," said Kent Wakeford, President and Co-Founder of AdSafe Media. "With over 50 billion impressions validated through our platform for hundreds of brand advertisers, we will be able to leverage our massive scale to offer TRUSTed Ads as a value-add to our customers with a self-regulating notice and choice program offered by the leader in Internet privacy services."

Publisher's Clearing House (PCH) Builds Consumer Trust with TRUSTed Ads
As a part of the earlier pilot program, PCH displayed TRUSTe's TRUSTed Ads icon and preference manager adjacent to advertising placement on to millions of consumers who accessed it approximately 32,000 times. The solution is now implemented on and

By giving consumers education and choice, the ongoing four-month pilot program revealed:

  • more than half felt that the TRUSTed Ads widget was helpful to make an informed decision;
  • the click-through rate of the TRUSTed Ads widget was similar to that of a privacy policy notice; and,
  • when given choice, most consumers did not change their preferences.

"PCH takes privacy seriously. We already use the TRUSTe Privacy Seal and participating in this pilot gave us an opportunity to continue our history of trust with visitors to our site by making sure that they understood their privacy options regarding online advertisements," said Sal Tripi, Senior Director of Operations and Compliance at Publishers Clearing House. "To our surprise and pleasure, we learned that with TRUSTe and the right information made clearly available and easily accessible, only a very small number of our consumers chose to opt-out."

About TRUSTe
Thousands of companies rely on TRUSTe's leading privacy trustmark to enhance consumer trust, drive increased registrations and transactions, and comply with complex privacy requirements. Consumers know that when they see the TRUSTe seal, they can "Click with Confidence" because the certified website is responsible with their personal information. TRUSTe has certified more than 40 percent of the top fifty websites, including Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, eBay, AOL, Adobe, AT&T, Comcast, Disney,, Apple, LinkedIn, Web MD, and Yelp. TRUSTe also certifies many of the top advertising and technology service providers for websites. For additional information on TRUSTe and its services, please visit

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