December 11, 2012 09:00 ET

TRUSTe Now Powering Billions of Privacy-Safe Mobile Ads

TRUSTed Mobile Ads, the Industry Leading Mobile Advertising Privacy Management Platform, Achieves Scale, Expands Partner Base and Continues Powering Trust in the Mobile Ads Ecosystem

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Dec 11, 2012) - TRUSTe, the leading data privacy management solutions provider, today announced that its TRUSTed Mobile Ads platform, the industry's first and only comprehensive mobile advertising privacy management platform, has been selected by more than a dozen of leading mobile ad networks since its launch eight months ago. Additionally, TRUSTed Mobile Ads has now reached significant scale, serving over one billion privacy-safe mobile ads -- making it the largest mobile advertising privacy management platform. Together with TRUSTe's TRUSTed Ads platform for web advertising, TRUSTe is the largest provider of OBA (online behavioral advertising) compliant services worldwide, serving over 40B privacy-safe ads per month.

Featuring the Digital Advertising Alliance's (DAA) Advertising Option Icon on mobile in-ad placements, TRUSTed Mobile Ads gives the advertising ecosystem a comprehensive privacy solution that can be easily deployed across both mobile web and mobile apps, to meet emerging mobile regulatory requirements and address increasing consumer concerns regarding transparency and choice. The TRUSTe solution is ID-agnostic in that it can work with any identification system that is used by the particular advertising service provider. TRUSTe strongly recommends against the use of any permanent identifiers and only supports identifiers that are used in accordance with platform operators' terms of service. TRUSTe doesn't use device fingerprinting techniques.

Key Industry Players Standardize on TRUSTed Mobile Ads
In addition to a worldwide partnership with Millennial Media announced last week (see release here), TRUSTe has been awarded over a dozen of new customer contracts for its TRUSTed Mobile Ads platform, including the following key industry players:

  • 4INFO
  • Adfonic
  • AdMobius
  • AppLovin
  • EveryScreen Media
  • Human Demand
  • Intent IQ
  • JiWire
  • Mojiva
  • Nexage
  • Tapad
  • xAD

"Our partnership with TRUSTe gives us the global data management expertise required to support our broad international customer base," said Victor Malachard, CEO and co-founder at Adfonic. "With the TRUSTe certification to industry-leading privacy program requirements, followed up by best privacy practices, advertiser and agency customers of Adfonic's smarter buying platform can maximize the advertising potential of mobile with the assurance that the latest privacy guidelines are being adhered to."

"A key driver of mobile advertising growth is the simultaneous improvements in data, targeting, and privacy," said Mark Connon, EVP of Corporate and Business Development at Nexage. "In fact, we designed Nexage Connect to accelerate the availability of capabilities like TRUSTe's privacy solutions to enable privacy conscious premium publishers to easily comply with emerging mobile compliance requirements, giving publishers the confidence that they're meeting regulatory obligations, while conveying brand safety and integrity to their users."

TRUSTed Mobile Ads Powering Billions of Privacy-Safe Mobile Ads
In addition to signing more partners, TRUSTed Mobile Ads has been deployed by leading ad networks and publishers. These deployments have reached significant scale and have now powered over one billion privacy-safe mobile ad impressions.

"Providing consumers simple and transparent privacy options in mobile was fundamental to creating the Location Graph, JiWire's mobile audience solution," said Kevin Ching, Director of Product Management at JiWire. "Partnering with TRUSTe to implement this approach was the ideal solution. We are pleased to have been an early innovator with TRUSTe on mobile privacy and are thrilled to see more widespread adoption of this approach, which we hope will become the new standard for the mobile advertising industry."

"TRUSTe commends the entire advertising community for its early adoption of privacy best practices for mobile," said Chris Babel, CEO for TRUSTe. "As evidenced by our research, consumer mobile privacy concerns are rising and outpacing other online markets. TRUSTed Mobile Ads addresses the top challenges for the mobile ecosystem by educating consumers about how interest-based mobile advertising works from the start and giving them the choice to manage their preferences -- right from their smartphone or tablet. By building trust for emerging technologies, TRUSTed Mobile Ads provides a critical bridge between new and innovative advertising opportunities and consumer concerns."

Mobile is the fastest growing segment of the online advertising industry and advertisers, publishers, and networks are racing to increase their mobile ads volume and performance. As with the traditional web world, behavioral advertising is a proven strategy to improve performance, but also raises increased privacy concerns with consumers and regulators. TRUSTed Mobile Ads enables all players in the mobile ecosystem to build trust with consumers and meet regulatory and industry compliance requirements -- powering privacy-safe mobile advertising and helping to drive innovation. 

"Ensuring transparency and choice in how mobile advertisers and networks use information to provide a more useful, relevant experience for consumers is a high priority for the marketing community," said DAA's Managing Director Lou Mastria. "We welcome having solutions such as TRUSTed Mobile Ads -- in sync with our Ad Options principles -- as an example for the entire advertising ecosystem, and that helps make everyone more aware about mobile privacy requirements and best practices."

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