March 07, 2012 06:00 ET

TRUSTe Unveils New EU Privacy Solution

Expands Privacy Management Product Portfolio to Address EU Cookie Directive; Introduces a Fast Track Service to Help Businesses Meet May 25, 2012 Deadline

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - Mar 7, 2012) - Today, at IAPP Global Privacy Summit, TRUSTe, the leading privacy management solutions provider, introduced a powerful privacy solution to help businesses accelerate their readiness to comply with the "EU Cookie Directive." TRUSTe's EU Cookie Audit service will provide companies conducting business in the EU the information that they need to address the privacy law, which requires websites to obtain prior informed consent before they can store or access information on a consumer's computer via technologies such as browser cookies. The United Kingdom has declared May 25, 2012 as the deadline for companies to begin complying with the law, and the rest of the European Union is expected to follow suit shortly. The EU Cookie Audit includes a detailed and ongoing analysis of all first- and third-party tracking activity present on websites and is supported by a comprehensive privacy strategy assessment by TRUSTe's policy team.

"In the European Union and worldwide, TRUSTe is committed to delivering the powerful privacy solutions companies need to meet evolving international privacy laws, while simultaneously protecting the privacy and choice of customers," said Chris Babel, CEO of TRUSTe. "TRUSTe's new EU privacy solution gives companies a 360 degree view of the tracking technologies present on their websites so that they can provide an informed, privacy-centric experience to their customers. With the growing prevalence of unauthorized tracking activities finding their way onto websites, the ability to fully understand what trackers are on your site at all times is an absolute necessity to mitigating privacy missteps and protecting customer information."

TRUSTe has been on the forefront of online privacy for more than a decade, leading the industry with innovative technology, compliance and consumer solutions across multiple emerging markets, such as mobile, cloud and online behavioral advertising. Since 2000, TRUSTe has been the premier provider of services to help companies self-certify with the US-EU Safe Harbor Framework. The introduction of its latest EU privacy solution is a natural extension to its suite of products designed to address the increasingly complex privacy compliance requirements of businesses and to inform and educate consumers.

TRUSTe EU Cookie Audit Delivers Foundation for Powerful Compliance Framework
TRUSTe's EU Cookie Audit addresses the crucial first step in complying with the EU Cookie Directive by providing accurate and continuous insight into all tracking technologies being used on a company's website. Powered by TRUSTe's robust website assessment technology, the EU Cookie Audit service can index all trackers and provide ongoing intelligence about their activity, origin and risk-level. Relying on TRUSTe's extensive database covering more than 1,000 third-party tracking domains, the EU Cookie Audit allows businesses to easily monitor and detect trackers, providing details that include:

  • whether the tracking is being conducted by a first- or third-party
  • the location of the tracker on the website
  • the organization generating the tracking
  • a history of the tracking
  • intrusiveness of the tracking activities.

Armed with this data, businesses can more adequately control and protect the privacy of their customers and ensure transparency regarding activity on their websites.

TRUSTe's EU Cookie Audit service is available immediately. For additional information, contact TRUSTe at or 1-888-878-7830 or visit

About the "EU Cookie Law"
As part of the amended EU privacy framework, the "EU Cookie Law" calls for a new consent process for personal data collection. According to the law, storage or retrieval of customer information -- including the use of 'cookie' trackers that share personal browsing data -- is only allowed when the user has been provided with clear and comprehensive information prior to giving permission. To view the amendment to the EU E-Privacy Directive, known as the "EU Cookie Directive," click here.

TRUSTe Executives Speak at IAPP: March 7-9, Washington, D.C.
The following TRUSTe executives will speak on current issues in privacy policies and practices at the IAPP Global Privacy Summit:

  • Fran Maier, Chair & Founder - The ABCs of OBA: A Primer for Website Operators;
  • Joanne Furtsch, Director of Product Policy - Mining Consumer Data on Social Media: What NOT to Do; and
  • John Tomaszewski, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary - The APEC Cross-border Privacy Rules System: Now that We've Built It, Why You Should Come.

About TRUSTe
TRUSTe is the leading privacy management solutions provider and offers a broad suite of solutions that enable companies to safely and efficiently handle the customer data powering their online businesses -- including advertising, cloud services, mobile applications, and websites. Over 5,000 web properties from top companies like Apple, AT&T, Disney, eBay, HP, Microsoft, Nationwide, and Yelp rely on TRUSTe to ensure compliance with evolving and complex privacy requirements. TRUSTe's mission, based on a "Truth in Privacy" framework, is built on a solid foundation of transparency, choice and accountability regarding the collection and use of personal information. TRUSTe's privacy seal is recognized and trusted by millions of consumers as a sign of responsible privacy practices. For additional information on TRUSTe and its offerings, please visit

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