Trusted Positioning

Trusted Positioning

June 03, 2013 20:00 ET

Trusted Positioning Launches Smartphone-Embedded Indoor Location Software

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - June 3, 2013) - Trusted Positioning has released the Trusted Portable Navigator (T-PN), a highly accurate indoor location software, this week at Computex Taipei 2013. Available for any operating system, this mobile embedded software allows mobile users to navigate shopping centers, airports, and subway stations. With no additional hardware or infrastructure required, this indoor location technology provides a navigation experience that is accurate, affordable, and continuous regardless of the environment.

The T-PN takes the blue dot indoors, combining the use of existing smartphone motion sensors with wireless updates (such as Wi-Fi and GNSS) for a complete solution - no extra hardware or infrastructure needed.

There are many advantages to the T-PN:

  1. No additional hardware: The T-PN utilizes the sensors already present in the majority of smartphones.
  2. No additional infrastructure: This enables a consumer to navigate through an environment with no existing navigation technology.
  3. Integration of wireless signals with existing sensors: When available, wireless positional updates (e.g. GPS and Wi-Fi) can improve the overall accuracy of the solution.
  4. Battery-friendly: The T-PN utilizes significantly less power than either GPS or Wi-Fi positioning.
  5. Can be used in any orientation: Accurate positioning can be maintained while the phone is swinging in a hand, a call is answered, the phone is in a pocket or purse, or texting.

Today, consumers expect to receive accurate positioning when navigating outdoors. However, the average American spends approximately 90% of their time indoors. Current positioning technology is very limited in this environment, meaning consumers lack the ability to reliably navigate or find their location within a building or in a GPS challenged location. Accurate and continuous positioning will enable a vast array of application and advertising opportunities, made possible by the addition of MEMS sensors in most smartphones. The buzz around indoor location technology has grown exponentially in 2013 with recent acquisitions of indoor positioning companies. Consequently, the adoption of indoor location technology on smartphones is inevitable.

About Trusted Positioning

Trusted Positioning is a Calgary-based indoor positioning software company. A spin-off from the Department of Geomatics Engineering at the University of Calgary, Trusted Positioning was founded in 2009 by globally recognized experts in the fields of inertial navigation, multi-sensor systems and Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology. Trusted Positioning's technology provides continuous, accurate, and affordable navigation and positioning in GPS-challenged environments.

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