May 05, 2008 09:00 ET

TrustedID™ Delivers First Comprehensive, Proactive Family Identity Theft Protection Solution

Advanced Version of IDFreeze® Extends Affordable, Easy-to-Use Protection to Entire Family

REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwire - May 5, 2008) - TrustedID, the leading provider of identity prevention solutions, announced today innovative enhancements to IDFreeze, the company's flagship service. Now protecting an unlimited number of household family members, this proactive, simple service extends protection to users in more than a dozen different ways, including safeguards for credit cards, social security numbers and medical identities, and is available through TrustedID's web site ( or its toll-free order line (1-888-548-7878).

"Identity thieves are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their methods of stealing personal data, and they are increasing their targeting of the most vulnerable individuals, children and elderly adults," says Scott Mitic, CEO of TrustedID. "As a result, TrustedID has expanded its suite of services and introduced a new family plan, to help stop identity theft before it can happen and give whole families peace of mind.

In fact, a 2007 Gartner study found that identity theft affects nearly 15 million people each year. And in the Federal Trade Commission's latest report (2007), more than 10,000 kids had their identities stolen in 2006 alone, nearly a 60 percent increase over 2003. Moreover, elderly parents and adults are more at risk because identity thieves know that seniors do not check their credit as often and are more likely to have savings, investments and good credit.

According to Mitic, many parents don't know their child's identity has been stolen until an identity theft has already done damage to their reputation or accounts. "Most kids only discover that their identity has been compromised when they reach majority and apply for credit, try to get a job, a college loan or a place to live. "On their kids' behalf, parents need to be a step ahead of today's fast-paced thieves, and we want to make it easy with this new feature of IDFreeze."

Complete, Easy-to-Use Security

With the busy, on-the-go lifestyles of most families, TrustedID offers a quick, simple solution to protect the entire family and their financial and personal assets. In a matter of minutes, with just a few easy, online steps, IDFreeze provides core identity theft protection, that includes anti-spyware, scanning and monitoring of other personal identifying information such as social security and bank account numbers, medical record protection, and lost wallet services.

IDFreeze now includes the following new features:

--  Child Identity Protection
--  Medical Records Protection
--  Anti-Spyware Software
--  Enhanced Junk Mail Reduction
--  Name and Address Scanning
--  Bank Account Scanning
--  Lost Wallet Protection

Those new features expand on IDFreeze's core offerings for comprehensive, proactive family protection. IDFreeze continues to offer:

--  Credit Card Number Scanning
--  Junk Mail Reduction
--  Fraud Flag Placement
--  Annual Credit Reports
--  Name and Address Scanning
--  $1,000,000 Limited Service Warranty

Most importantly, IDFreeze automatically and immediately extends to every household member when registration is completed. This suite of protection is available at $99.00/year for an individual and $189.00/year for families.

About TrustedID

TrustedID® is dedicated to providing consumers with the strongest, most complete and proactive identity theft protection solutions available. Founded in 2005, TrustedID was the first identity theft prevention company to offer credit freezes to consumers. The company's flagship product, IDFreeze, includes the ability for customers to flag their credit reports at Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion and extends protection services to entire household families. IDFreeze also is backed by a $1,000,000 limited warranty.

TrustedID is recognized by the Identity Theft Resource Center, a national nonprofit organization that educates and works to prevent identity theft. For more information about TrustedID and its services and products, visit

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