SOURCE: Trutap Limited

September 17, 2007 14:30 ET

Trutap Fulfills Promise of the Mobile Internet; Delivers Free Mobile Service to Keep Youths Connected Anytime, Anywhere

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - September 17, 2007) - TECHCRUNCH40 - Trutap Limited today launched the beta of trutap, the free mobile service that allows users across the world to enjoy a simple and easy way to stay connected to their social lives from their cell phones.

Aimed at 18-24 year olds, trutap is the first service, globally, to combine all the elements of a young person's social life into one. Users will have the ability to IM, group message, upload text and pictures to blogs and send pictures via a mobile, wherever they are, whenever they want. There are currently 600 million potential users in the target age group worldwide.

Doug Richard, co-founder and CEO of Trutap Limited, commented: "We want to give people the freedom to expand the boundaries of their social lives and stay connected, whenever and wherever they are. Our key market is the 18-24 year olds who feel real anxiety when they are unable to communicate with their friends continuously. Missing out on recent news, a piece of gossip, a new picture, a drink invite or a night out with pals is a real concern to them.

"For the first time, users will have the ability to use IM services from one easy-to-use mobile application and, shortly, will also be able to interact with their social network sites as well. People want to live life real time and share thoughts and experiences as they happen. With trutap, they can. For example, imagine you've just seen Jessica Simpson in Boston's Public Garden or Matthew McConaughey jogging in Mailbu. You can take a picture with your mobile and share it with all your friends instantly or upload it onto your blog or photo sharing site in real time.

"It's all about constant communication; taking your groups of friends with you wherever you go and never missing out. It addresses the way today's youth wants to communicate," concluded Richard.

Trutap Limited was selected by the TechCrunch40 organizers from more than 700 submissions as one of the most innovative new companies globally. Trutap's beta program is available internationally*. For more information or to register for the beta program, please go to from your mobile browser.

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About trutap

trutap is an easy-to-use and free mobile service that, for the first time, combines all the elements of a young person's social life into one application. With trutap users can easily connect and converse with friends and family, wherever they are, whenever they want. trutap currently operates in over 210 countries across the world and will operate in more shortly.

What is trutap?

--  Combines all elements of a young person's social life in one
    application, for the FIRST time
--  Offers the ability to IM (MSN, Yahoo!, AIM (AOL) and ICQ), group
    message, upload text and pictures to blogs and send pictures via
    a mobile
    --  IM -- access all accounts and converse with everyone at the
        same time
    --  Blog and Photo Sharing sites -- supports Blogger,,
        Livejournal, Flickr, Friendster, Xanga and others so text
        and pictures can be uploaded
    --  Messaging - picture messaging, online status and group
        message with all reply functionality
--  No need for special configuration and is easy to download
--  trutap offers privacy -- restrict access and even block users
--  trutap will also be used via a web browser from a computer shortly
--  trutap is free, fun and just works!

Just go to in your cell phone's browser to sign up.

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