July 10, 2017 22:08 ET

Truvu Aquariums Announces New Innovative Custom Fish Tank and Aquarium Systems

Custom Aquariums - Complete Customizable Sizes, Panels, Filtration, Backflow, Hoods and Stands

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - July 10, 2017) - Custom aquariums from the designers and builders at Truvu Aquariums are now being offered with new innovative designs for complete fish tank systems including the aquarium, filtration, backflow, hoods and stands. "Our team of experts listens to the needs of our customers and designs a completely custom aquarium based on their needs including all of the required components. Our latest designs are very contemporary and are in line with the awesome aquariums people see on the custom aquarium TV shows," says Scott Clark, Owner of Truvu Aquariums. Flexibility is important to the team at Truvu according to Scott. "We provide the best custom aquariums on the market and we come up with better and more cost effective solutions than other so called custom aquarium companies. A lot of these companies really don't provide custom designs. One of our latest designs is an Amazon Custom Aquarium that makes it possible to sustain the types of fish species found in the Amazon River."

Complete Custom Aquarium Systems by Truvu
Custom Aquariums are all they do at Truvu Aquariums according to Scott. Scott and his team have been delivering the most innovative custom fish tanks since 1972. They have been designing and building custom aquariums for clients, both privately and commercially. Their custom acrylic aquariums are the best you'll find on the market according to Scott Clark, Owner of Truvu Aquariums serving the entire United States. "Acrylic custom aquariums are far better than because they are more customizable. We can construct aquariums and filters of varying shapes and sizes with colored backs or ends. If you require a 55 gal size aquarium (which is normally 48 inches long), but only have enough space for a 47 inch aquarium, TRUVU Aquariums can build a completely custom aquarium that fits the space. If you want to create a unique custom aquarium or your own style of filter or stand... we can make it a reality."

Discount Fish Tanks and Aquarium Systems
Truvu Aquariums offers pre-manufactured fish tanks and aquariums that are state of the art. The discount aquariums are more affordable because they are built to predesigned specifications according to Scott. "There is no quality difference between our custom aquariums and our discount fish tank systems. The only difference is that we save time and money by building them to specifications that are not provided by the customer." People can call Truvu or visit their website to learn about the discount aquariums that are in stock and ready to ship fast nationwide.

To learn more about custom aquariums please visit the Truvu Aquariums website. To schedule a no cost, no obligation consultation with an experienced custom aquarium designer please call (877) 840-0284. Truvu ships nationwide and they deliver their aquariums as fast as they can be constructed. "What sets Truvu Aquariums apart from other fish tank sites is that we are the aquarium manufacturer. There is no middleman or reseller for our products. This allows us the ability design and create any type of custom aquarium to fit any space. With us you aren't just another customer. We treat our customers like family."

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