SOURCE: Tech Soft America

October 31, 2005 14:26 ET

TSA Releases "Mysteriously Fast" v13.0 of HOOPS 3D Application Framework

Frighteningly Powerful Release of Graphics Toolkit Is no Halloween Trick

OAKLAND, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 31, 2005 -- Tech Soft America (TSA), the leading provider of graphics components to the CAD/CAM/CAE software industry and the scariest monster in the software toolkit business, today announced that HOOPS 3D Application Framework (HOOPS/3dAF) v13 will be released to customers within 13 days. An email announcing the availability of v13 for download could be conjured and magically appear in customer in-boxes at any moment.

"Sometimes we even scare ourselves," commented Gavin Bridgeman, TSA's HOOPS Product Manager. "Our demons of development have been toiling over their cauldrons to brew a concoction of equal parts customer request, graphics market vision and pure coding magic. The result is a potion that, when tried, will bring feelings of great joy and exaltation."

Some of the ghoulishly great Halloween highlights of this release include:

--  Bump Map Support -- Fear not, bumpy maps don't bite. You'll be howling
    at the moon when you see how good your models look with this new texturing
--  Large Format Print Support -- Create your own spooky posters -- or
    just print out your fully shaded scenes on large format plotters. Don't be
    afraid of the memory beast -- we shrunk it!
--  Lighting Options -- Yes, many software developers are like zombies,
    but they're not vampire bats who hide in the dark. They enjoy controlling
    lighting options to improve the visual quality of renderings. Peek behind
    the gravestone to see just how good HOOPS' visual fidelity is.
--  Text Support -- HOOPS' text support has always been as strong as
    witch's breath. It didn't seem like it could get any more pungent but it
    did. Any developer who has tried to tackle text knows it's a pesky creature
    indeed, but HOOPS tackles and tames that beast!
--  Automatic Graphics Card Detection and Configuration -- Unleashing the
    spine-tingling effect of graphics acceleration can't be done feeling around
    in the dark. HOOPS now gives developers a "magic wand" to supernaturally
    predict how to best drive their users' hardware.
--  AVI Export -- Applications may now create their own scary movies --
    animating scenes, capturing CAE results, etc. We call this the "Stephen
    King" feature. You can too.
--  Performance Improvements -- Yes, we know this makes your heart race.
    We get scared too when we see how fast things go with HOOPS. Strap yourself
    onto your broomstick and beware, there are several areas where performance
    gains are hair-raising!
Those are just the highlights. You'll need to reach into the treasure chest that is the latest HOOPS release notes to discover all of the Halloween treats we've packed in for our favorite coding fiends.

Ron Fritz, Managing Partner of TSA, added, "HOOPS v13 is the result of three spine-chilling factors: Our soothsayers predicting where the graphics market is headed, our gravediggers unearthing the needs of our customers, and our graphics wizards working their powerful black magic. Halloween or not, this release again reveals the supernatural power of the HOOPS technology."

About HOOPS 3D Product Suite

HOOPS 3D Product Suite is a set of extensible, high-level components that dramatically simplifies the design, development and maintenance of high-performance, interactive 2D/3D applications for Windows, UNIX, LINUX, MAC OS X and Windows CE devices. HOOPS components provide the base infrastructure (some might call it an "application skeleton") for building custom, high performance applications. Developers work from a high level to extend and customize the framework, taking advantage of the power of the underlying set of libraries. Rather than attempting to re-invent the vast functionality already encapsulated within the HOOPS product set, they can focus their development efforts on their true value-add.

About Tech Soft America

Tech Soft America (TSA) provides premier customer driven development tools, consulting and support services enabling its partners to rapidly deliver world-class technical software. When they are not cooking up potions or scaring the neighborhood children, TSA develops and distributes software components to the engineering software community. The company's flagship HOOPS technology has been incorporated into over 175 commercial software applications, including many of the leaders in CAD/CAM and CAE software. The company also resells premium components such as the Adobe PDF Libraries, Parasolid Modeling Kernel from UGS, and Spatial's 3D InterOp translation toolkits. The company maintains corporate headquarters in a graveyard in Oakland, California, and can be reached through

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