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September 24, 2007 08:06 ET

Tubes Networks Introduces Tubes™; Breakthrough Product Combines the Power of the PC With the Reach of the Web

Updated Product Enables Synchronized Media Distribution and Social Sharing With Unparalleled Security, Control and Accessibility

SAN DIEGO, CA and BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - September 24, 2007) - DEMO - Tubes Networks today unveiled its final release candidate for Tubes onstage at the DEMO conference in San Diego. Tubes combines the power of the PC with the reach of the Web to build synchronized social sharing networks, publish and subscribe rich media websites, and enable the frictionless distribution of any type of content -- experienced both on the desktop and the web.

"Tubes unleashes your content -- making it simultaneously available both on your computer and on the web -- just by putting your stuff in what we call a 'tube.' Make a change to anything in any tube on your desktop and the web version instantly updates along with the copy on subscribers' computers and vice versa," said John Van Siclen, CEO of Tubes Networks. "Think of Tubes as synchronized media distribution and social sharing with a level of security, control and accessibility never available before."

As paradoxical as it sounds, Tubes lets users access their desktop content from any web browser and experience websites on their desktop, even without an Internet connection. Tubes enables the private or public publishing of websites just by dragging and dropping content into a special icon on the desktop.

Tubes RC2 Features

TubeSites: Drag-and-Drop Web Site Creation: A tubeSite is a private website that Tubes creates automatically for each tube. Anytime anyone adds or removes files, Tubes automatically updates the tubeSite. Users can have as many tubeSites as they want -- all with different users, structure and access privileges. These instant websites can host any type of files such as HD video, music, even Microsoft Office documents.

Social Network Creation: Users create their own networks simply by sending invitations via email using a built in console. Invited users can be assigned different roles dictating their ability to edit or contribute content in the tube.

URL Access to Any File on the Desktop: With Tubes, simply right-clicking on any file in any tube provides a unique URL to that file. Email that URL to a friend or colleague and that file -- on your desktop -- is accessible over the web. Make changes to that file -- on your computer -- and the URL still points to the updated version.

Public/Private Content Sharing: Tubes provides granular privacy controls, allowing users to assign different access rights to anyone at any time, even authorizing them to contribute to a group tubeSite. TubeSites can be made private or public at any time.

Web Publish and Subscribe: The Hub allows anyone using Tubes to publish and subscribe their tubeSites instantly. The Hub hosts both professional and user-generated content, making it easy for web-based access to free music, photos, movies and other content. Just click to publish to the Hub and just drag an icon to subscribe.

Advanced Capabilities: Advanced users can use their own HTML code to customize tubeSites while retaining drag-and-drop functionality and privacy controls. For instance, content owners can put Flash files in a tube and the tubeSite will automatically build a media player webpage.

My Tubes: Using this online dashboard, users can log in and view all their tubes from any web browser, accept and send invitations and contribute to group blogs. Soon most anything you can do with the desktop client will be possible from the web.

Tubes provides many benefits for many types of users:


--  Share any size and type of file with friends bidirectionally while
    retaining control
--  Create a single sharing place for family photos & videos on both web
    and desktop
--  Collaborate with students on multimedia projects or homework
--  Promote your music, video or art for free on the Hub


--  Distribute very large files securely while retaining ownership and
--  Exchange documents and media with project teams, clients and
--  Reach subscribers with rich web content right down to their desktop,
    even offline


Tubes is available today for free individual use including 1GB of synchronized storage at Professional accounts provide more storage, advanced support, online backup and business use license, starting at $5.95 per month.

About Tubes

Tubes is a powerful social networking tool that lets you easily view, publish and share rich media content. By combining the reach of the Web with the privacy of the desktop, Tubes allows anyone to easily and securely access and publish content -- including photos, music, video, and documents -- with anyone they want. With a simple drag and drop, users can publish rich media websites, create synchronized networks, and subscribe to rich media content. Tubes lets you share content privately, or publish it to the web. And Tubes makes it easy to subscribe to great content and watch, listen or view it at your convenience, on your schedule. Join the Tubes community now! Just visit:

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