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January 08, 2013 08:00 ET

Tune in to Genesis Global Media Radio Show Tonight to Hear Guests Leslie Dicken, Cynthia Richards and Evelyn Cole

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - January 08, 2013) -  Tonight, January 8, 2013, tune in to hear our guests, Leslie Dicken, from 6:00pm PST - 6:30pm PST, followed by Cynthia Richards from 6:30pm PST – 6:45pm PST and Evelyn Cole from 6:45pm PST – 7:00pm PST.  Either show can be listened to through this link -

Realtor and Author Leslie Dicken Makes Homebuyers and Readers Alike 'Happily Ever After'

Not only can Leslie Dicken place you in the perfect home, she can offer you a perfect book to curl up to once you move in! As a Realtor and Buyer Specialist for RE/MAX, Ms. Dicken is dedicated to serving her clients' needs, including negotiating the best price and providing support through every step of the journey to home ownership. Ms. Dicken also embraces themes of happiness in her fiction, which draws the reader into adventures of the heart, tales of the past and legends of the mystical. Her gripping novels unleash our deepest desires and set us forth on unexpected paths. Prepare to smile! Leslie Dicken's professionalism and creative wit wouldn't have it any other way!

Ms. Dicken's published works include romance novels, short stories and fiction, with titles such as "The Lady's Bargain,"  "Improper Nights,"  "Taboo,"  "Beauty Tempts the Beast," "The Iron Heart" and "A Tarnished Heart." Her creative talents also extend to beaded and wire work jewelry making, and she fashions classic and artistic designs into earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings.

To contact Leslie Dicken, please contact her by phone at 301-646-5512 or by email at

For book or jewelry purchases, please visit:

Innovator Cynthia Richards Offers Solution to Diabetic Woes

Diabetics unite! Cynthia Richards, CEO and owner of Henry's Secret Stash, LLC, has recently unveiled her prototype for a medical device that will revolutionize the way in which diabetes is treated. Ms. Richards, who suffers from Mature Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY), has developed an insulin pump that carries BOTH insulin and glucose with the goal of stabilizing diabetics around the clock. Her versatile device can also be fitted with pain medication for patients who suffer from chronic pain. Her innovation will cut medical costs, reduce emergency room visits and help diabetic or chronic pain patients to better manage their disease.

Ms. Richards is committed to finding investors to make her dream a reality. Her passion and motivation has led to the launching of her company, Grosse Pointe Quilting & Embroidery, an online resource for quilting and embroidery products and supplies, to raise capital for her medical device. Visitors of can make a donation or purchase products to support this cause.

Join Cynthia Richards in her quest to revolutionize the way in which prescription drugs are administered. Support her medical device and help thousands of diabetics, chronic pain sufferers and other patients who routinely use medication take charge of their disease!

To contact Cynthia Richards, please email her at

To support the development of Cynthia Richards' medical device, please visit:


Progressive Author Evelyn Cole Kicks Freud Off the Couch

Discover your subconscious without falling asleep! Evelyn Cole, a poet as well as an acclaimed novelist, has transformed the traditional remedies for psychological well-being by introducing a fresh, new concept: fun! Through her Astrological and Philosophical Cooking Blog, available for FREE on her website at, Cole reveals the secrets to "feeding your friends instead of your frenzy" by offering dinner party recipes that complement each zodiac sign, as well as encouragement to uncover your subconscious self so that you may truly enjoy your friends. Also FREE on her website is Cole's Brainsweep program, a six lesson course in writing by both hands to uncover the early programming of one's brain and to sweep out self-destructive messages. This deliberate Freudian-slip unlocks the hidden feelings that form our negative beliefs about ourselves and others and gives us the tools to identify and destroy them.

Evelyn Cole is a writer, a gourmet chef and a ping pong champion! A free spirit with a playful personality, Cole writes books that explore the inner crevices of the human condition. In using fiction to unlock reality, Cole brilliantly engages her readers and leads to them to a dialogue that continues long after the last page is read.

Evelyn Cole may be contacted at

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