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September 22, 2009 07:00 ET

Tungle Brings Calendar Accelerator to iPhone; Lets Users Book Meetings While Waiting in Line for Coffee

iPhone Tungle users can share calendars and effortlessly book multi-person meetings, in and outside of firms regardless of calendar systems or locations

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Sept. 22, 2009) -

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Tungle, provider of the first calendar accelerator, announced today at DEMOfall 09 the launch of its service for Apple Inc's iPhone.

Tungle's flagship product, Tungle Accelerate, addresses a common hurdle faced by anyone who has meetings - finding a time to meet. This challenge is often furthered by participants who are telecommuting, working within other organizations or located in different time zones.

The calendar accelerator gives professionals the control and flexibility to propose multiple times in meeting invitations, publish their availability, invite others to book meetings with them and share calendars across companies, platforms and time zones, without giving up their existing e-calendars. As a result, users report spending significantly less time and effort setting up meetings.

With the iPhone release, Tungle users can now take the core functions of Tungle with them wherever they go - from creating, sending and receiving meeting invitations, to cross-calendar sharing.

Tungle is also introducing two features exclusive to the iPhone: auto-suggest and at-a-glance network availability.

Auto-suggest - 'Shake to meet'

When scheduling a meeting, users can overlay schedules of sharing contacts, and then tap "suggest" or simply shake the device to have the app automatically identify the next five best meeting times for all selected contacts, thus taking advantage of the limited screen space available on the iPhone.

At-a-glance availability - See when your network is free

Users can decide to send emails, SMS or place phone calls based on contacts' current availability. The app displays icons next to sharing contacts, telling users in one glance who is currently free or busy, according to their calendar availability.

The ultimate business tool

"Business isn't restricted to what's behind company walls, so it doesn't make sense that calendar systems are," said Chris Shipley, Executive Producer of the DEMO Conferences. "Tungle breaks down walls, opening collaboration across companies and platforms. Bringing that power to the iPhone is a huge step forward for professionals."

"What's cool about Tungle is that it takes a task that used to be a huge time suck - namely, scheduling - and turns it into one of the easiest and most efficient parts of your day," says Tungle founder and chief executive officer, Marc Gingras. "But beyond that, it gives you the ability the strengthen relationships by facilitating the meeting process. With the full Tungle experience on the iPhone, you can now book a five-person meeting while waiting in line for your morning coffee."

Tungle syncs with Outlook (with or without Exchange), Google Calendar, Apple iCal and Entourage for Mac. In addition, Tungle recently partnered with IBM to build support for Lotus Notes, expected to be released late this fall.

Pricing & Availability

Tungle for iPhone is available free from the App Store. Current Tungle users can access it using their existing Tungle login. New users can create an account through the iPhone app and use their login to access the web application as well.

Note: The auto-suggest feature will be released as part of an upgrade, at no cost, by the end of this month. All users will be notified of the upgrade at that time.

Individuals can obtain a free Tungle account at www.tungle.com, or get Tungle for iPhone at the App Store.

About DEMO

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About Tungle

Tungle, the maker of the first web-based calendar accelerator, gives your calendar the flexibility and accessibility it's lacking today. Working hand-in-hand with traditional e-calendars, it allows professionals to be connected, productive, mobile and in control through cross-platform and cross-company sharing and scheduling capabilities. Tungle currently integrates with Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple iCal and Entourage for Mac.

Founded in 2006, the Montreal based company is venture-backed by investors Commonwealth Capital Ventures, JLA Ventures, and Desjardins Venture Capital.

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