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Tungle Corporation

April 21, 2009 05:00 ET

Tungle Extends its Leadership by Introducing the Industry's First Web-based Calendar Accelerator

Tungle Accelerate is a next-generation solution that increases the value, improves the effectiveness and extends the life of current electronic calendaring systems

MONTREAL, CANADA--(Marketwire - April 21, 2009) -


Tungle, a leading web-based scheduling software provider, extended its leadership by introducing its new service today, to become the industry's first calendar accelerator. Tungle Accelerate(TM), the free and comprehensive web-based platform, is a next-generation solution that increases the value, improves the effectiveness and extends the life of current electronic calendaring systems by seamlessly linking and syncing its platform to provide advanced features for Outlook, Exchange, Google Calendar, iCal and Entourage, among others.

Tungle Accelerate significantly increases the accuracy while decreasing the time it takes to schedule and book meetings between individuals or groups - inside or outside an organization. It enables the proposal of multiple time slots with just one click; for the first time, permits people to see all invitees' free / busy schedules both inside and outside organizations' groupware platforms, before invitations are sent - and prevents double-booking through its intelligent and dynamically updated meeting invitations. This significantly decreases frustration and accelerates the speed of booking meetings.

"Despite all of the advances in communications and online meeting tools, people often still feel hopelessly frustrated when trying to schedule a meeting for a group of people from different organizations because of the difficulty in accessing calendars," said Mark Levitt, vice president for Collaboration and Enterprise 2.0 Strategies at IDC. "Tungle changes this paradigm by accelerating the process of sharing relevant calendar information to allow people to focus on having productive meetings, rather than on meeting logistics."

"We are excited about what is in store for Tungle" said Chris Shipley, Chairman of the Guidewire Group and executive producer of the DEMO conferences. "They have identified a significant pain for all professionals and are tackling this problem in a way that is simple, ingenious and effective."

"Calendars were originally designed to help people be more productive. However, electronic calendaring systems are silos and don't facilitate the easy scheduling of meetings between individuals or groups, and certainly not with people outside an organization or on a different system," said Marc Gingras, chief executive officer at Tungle. "Tungle Accelerate breaks down those electronic calendar silos, significantly reducing wasted time and effort. The best part is that people don't need to learn a new electronic calendaring or groupware package."

Tungle works in sync with leading electronic calendars so busy people don't have to switch over to an entirely new system to get the benefits of calendar acceleration. Supported calendars include: Outlook - with or without Exchange, Google Calendar, Apple iCal, and Entourage for MAC. In addition, Tungle recently partnered with IBM and will be working with them to accelerate Lotus Notes later this year.

Tungle also enables users to create a personal Meet with Me(TM) link that can be added to their email signature and public profile on services that include LinkedIn, Facebook and Xing. With it, a person can publish their availability and allow others to easily schedule meetings with them, without having to sign up with Tungle.

In stark comparison to what calendars alone provide, synching Tungle Accelerate with their electronic calendar or groupware, people can:

- Coordinate one-on-one or group meetings with anyone, even non Tungle users.

- Propose multiple time slots to avoid the ongoing back and forth emails/phone calls to find the one time that works for everyone.

- Prevent double-bookings with meeting invitations that dynamically update when they add new events to their calendar, so meeting conflicts are eliminated.

- Share their free/busy or detailed calendar across different companies and environments.

- Set up a personal Meet with Me(TM) link in their email signature or public profile (LinkedIn, Facebook, Xing, etc), and allow others to view their availability and schedule meetings, without having to sign-up.

- Leverage smartphone (BlackBerry and iPhone) meeting invitation support - with no download required.

- Initiate meeting invitations and view shared calendars from their Outlook or Google Application.

- Enjoy automatic time zone detection that dynamically customizes meeting invitations for the recipient's time zone.

Pricing and Availability

Tungle Accelerate is a free web-based service that is available now at www.tungle.com.

About Tungle

Tungle, the maker of the first web-based calendar accelerator, gives your calendar the flexibility and accessibility it's lacking today. Working hand-in-hand with traditional e-calendars, it allows professionals to be connected, productive, mobile and in control through cross-platform and cross-company sharing and scheduling capabilities. Tungle currently integrates with Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple iCal and Entourage for Mac.

Founded in 2006, the Montreal based company is venture-backed by investors Commonwealth Capital Ventures, JLA Ventures, and Desjardins Venture Capital.

Tungle, Tungle Accelerate, Meet with Me and the Tungle logo are the property of Tungle Corporation. All other names and trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

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