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May 19, 2006 16:40 ET

Tunguska "Blast Off" of CyberWize Sales!

First Month Sales Approach 100,000 Units. CyberWize President Mark McCool Reports First Year Sales Projected "in the Millions!"

SARASOTA, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 19, 2006™ President Mark McCool reports Tunguska Blast™ first month sales have more than fulfilled expectations, approaching 100,000 units and nearly five million dollars in sales. "We anticipate closing out 2006 with Tunguska Blast being our most successful product launch," McCool says. "We knew this would be a huge market for us, but no one could have anticipated this kind of volume or the enormous enthusiasm with which Tunguska Blast has been greeted by our customers and Independent Business Owners (IBOs)."

Perfect for the Market and the Customer

Mark McCool says of Tunguska Blast customer acceptance: "Our doctors and scientists are telling us Tunguska Blast is as close to perfect as a supplement is likely to come. And our Independent Business Owners are telling us it is the perfect product for the marketplace."

The event that inspired Tunguska Blast occurred on June 30, 1908, when an unexplained "event" felled 200 million trees over a space of 850 square miles in the Tunguska River Valley of Siberia, Russia. Scientists speculate the event may have been the airburst of a meteor five or six miles above the valley. But what is more significant to CyberWize than the historical event is the result. The Tunguska Valley was reported by Russian scientists to have become a veritable Garden of Eden, a "Phoenix" risen from the ashes. Re-emergent plants in Tunguska were reported to grow at four times their normal rate to as much as three times their normal size. CyberWize harvests 10 of the most potent of these to formulate Tunguska Blast, available exclusively from a CyberWize Independent Business Owner (IBO).

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