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September 19, 2016 09:00 ET

TuringSense, Jinke Entertainment and Smart KungFu Partner to Elevate Augmented Reality Games to a New Level

Next-Gen Mobile Games Will Come With Sensors to Provide an Immersive Interactive Experience

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 19, 2016) - TuringSense, a wearables technology company, has signed a strategic and technology partnership agreement with leading mobile applications publisher Jinke Entertainment Culture Co., Ltd and China's first martial arts platform Smart KungFu to develop mobile Augmented Reality (AR) games powered by TuringSense's revolutionary PIVOT technology. An innovative multi-sensor, high-speed motion capture and analysis system, PIVOT breaks new ground by enabling more immersive and encompassing mobile AR experiences.

Jinke Entertainment, which has more than 260 million mobile app users, will lead the development, with all three companies collaborating to launch a next-generation viral AR game, like Pokémon Go, in the martial arts area. The AR game will integrate TuringSense's PIVOT, which enables mobile devices to sense physical motion and space -- to understand the world around it -- and to help users engage in a whole new level of augmented reality (AR) gaming. For example, in Pokémon Go, you need to swipe the phone with your finger to capture the monster. With a PIVOT sensor worn on the arm, users can do a throwing motion to capture the monster instead. 

"Combining the wearable technology capabilities of TuringSense with Jinke's massive penetration in mobile games and Smart KungFu's expertise in martial arts will be a 'win-win' for all and for the mobile gaming industry," said Chris Lim (aka Taufik Arifin), co-founder and vice president of product and marketing at TuringSense, who is also a martial artist with a third degree black belt in Taekwondo.

"TuringSense was born with the idea of capturing Taekwondo's movements in 3D. This partnership, which delivers martial arts with 3D PIVOT motion capture in a game, will make mastering martial arts techniques more fun, thus encouraging people to stay fit while learning self-defense skills at the same time. We couldn't be more excited about the possibilities," Lim added.

Already established as an innovation leader in wearable technologies for tennis, TuringSense's partnership with Jinke Entertainment and Smart KungFu marks TuringSense's next milestone in helping build an ecosystem in motion capture for sports, entertainment, and healthcare. 

"TuringSense is an innovative technological leader that is ushering in a new era for creating fully-immersive interactive experiences for gaming. We're excited to bring these new kinds of experiences to millions of our mobile gaming community," said Jian Wang, CEO, Jinke Entertainment. "Together, we'll be working to deepen the offerings in the pan-entertainment field, such as in other games and sports as well as in television."

According to Lehua Lin, CEO at Smart KungFu, "We're excited to join forces with TuringSense and Jinke to deliver a martial arts gaming app that will give a total immersion game experience with real KungFu lessons and workout routines by holographic coaches. And, besides games, we'll work on using PIVOT for fitness/exercise purposes such as capturing KungFu or martial arts' movements in 3D so that users can practice them to improve their fitness. Chinese martial arts is one of the top preferences for mobile gamers in China and we're confident that it will catch on worldwide too as more people see and enjoy the fun and healthy benefits of martial arts."

About TuringSense
TuringSense, a pioneer in wearable technology, is revolutionizing sports training through optimized advanced full-body motion capture technology and biomechanics analysis. The company's first product, PIVOT, uses innovative multi-sensor, high-speed 3D motion capture and analysis to provide instant biomechanical feedback for technique optimization and injury prevention for sports like tennis, golf and swimming. Its technology also has a wide range of applications in physical therapy, insurance compliance, rehabilitation, posture correction and virtual reality/gaming.

About Jinke Entertainment
Jinke Entertainment is the world's leading publisher of mobile applications, with more than 450 mobile games spanning a wide range of categories. The company has more than 260 million unique mobile users and partnerships with game developers around the world.

About Smart KungFu
Smart KungFu is China's first martial arts and fitness lifestyle platform developed for the general consumer aspiring to deepen their knowledge and fitness level. Founded by award-winning martial arts veterans, content and technology experts, the company provides a one-stop shop for online and offline activities, such as educational and fun content, videos, games, classes and events, matching services, all thoughtfully developed and curated to inspire and encourage the regular person to embrace martial arts and to develop a healthy lifestyle.

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