August 24, 2007 10:45 ET

TURN ON BEVERAGES, INC. and Seoul-Based TURN ON-KOREA Company Announce License Agreement to Develop TURN ON Love Drink Products in South Korea

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - August 24, 2007) - TURN ON BEVERAGES, INC., a leading producer and marketer of products to stimulate the romantic passion in men and women of all ages, today announced the signing of a collaboration and exclusive license agreement with TURN ON-KOREA Company to develop and commercialize TURN ON® Love Drink products in South Korea.

TURN ON Love Drink is a unique premium adult beverage manufactured in Europe, that promises to assist men and women in becoming more sexually aroused. It is All Natural with no preservatives, no dyes and nothing artificial. The brand has a smooth, superb and indescribable pleasing adult taste with a sparkling mouth feel and foamy carbonation. The beverage promises those who drink it will have great sex, because it contains a potent variety of active herbs, including Schizandra, an herb native to China that has been used for centuries for its aphrodisiac effect, and Guaraná, a South American forbidden love fruit reputed to be a powerful aphrodisiac. Both ingredients have long been celebrated as aphrodisiacs by locals. The KFDA has carefully investigated and chemically analyzed TURN ON's ingredients and determined that there is nothing harmful. TURN ON-KOREA wants to provide a premium beverage for the Korean market, so we have used high quality ingredients to ensure a premium product. The majority of the ingredients are fruit, so this is a healthful product that Koreans will really want.

Commenting on the Agreement, TURN ON-KOREA's President & CEO, Mr. Cha, said: "We are excited and looking forward to working with TURN ON BEVERAGES. This collaboration reinforces our efforts to maintain and enhance TURN ON's role as a leading player in the South Korean marketplace. TURN ON creates a totally new category within the beverage industry by adding something needed and strongly desired by the public," stated Mr. Cha. He adds, "We conducted extensive consumer testing in S. Korea and the results were amazing! Korean consumers voiced an extraordinarily high buying interest level of 80% after claiming the brand's 'effectiveness' was at the highest levels. In fact, we must warn consumers that TURN ON will make them Happy."

"TURN ON-KOREA Company has made the commitment to bring the love drinks to market in South Korea," said Howard Hersh, TURN ON BEVERAGES company president. "We believe that the collaboration between the two companies will enable us to build on the exciting advances we have already made in the United States and Worldwide. Consumers are constantly striving to perform better while enhancing their love lives and their relationships, and our TURN ON Love Drink is the answer many have been looking for." Hersh adds, "Regardless of how good a relationship is, it can always be better, and TURN ON can help make any relationship better."

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