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October 02, 2012 10:00 ET

Turn Shoppers into Clients with Veterinary Practice Management Consultants' Free Video

Veterinary Marketing with Excellent Communication Skills Boosts Private Practice

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Oct. 2, 2012) - Veterinary Practice Solutions - Every day, veterinarians and other health professionals receive calls from people who simply want to know their prices. Unless the vet receiving the call is the cheapest in town, chances are those shoppers will continue to look elsewhere. But shoppers can be turned into clients with relative ease, according to Dr. Joel Parker, DVM, President and co-founder of Veterinary Practice Solutions (VPS), a veterinary practice management consulting company. And you don't have to lower your prices in the process.

How do you turn shoppers into clients?

"The problem you have to overcome with shoppers is that they don't know anything about you," said Dr. Parker. "You might charge a little more than the vet a couple of blocks away, but you know the quality of your treatment and service is well worth it. And your prices aren't that much higher anyway. But someone who asks about prices doesn't have that information. They called. You told them the treatment they want costs $50, and the vet down the street said he charges $40 for the same thing. That's all they know."

A lot of vets have practices that are superior to others' in several ways, Dr. Parker went on to explain. Some have invested in the most modern, safe and efficient equipment, some have worked diligently with their staff to ensure they deliver excellent service, some pay better wages and invest in staff training so they can attract and keep competent, reliable, staff who really care. Some also have hard-to-find staff members who are excellent communicators - clients always feel welcome and understood, and their pets are treated like royalty.

"A truly excellent practice should strive to have all the latest and best of everything. But, regardless of what else the practice has to offer, communication skills are key. Cost is also important to an extent. But the main thing that attracts and retains clients - assuming you do a decent job as a vet - is communication skills. Cost is not the issue. The client has to feel like they belong there. And if excellent communication skills are used with the shopper when they call in, you'll turn them into a client."

For more information on exactly how to turn shoppers into clients, watch Whiteboard Wednesday - Shoppers, one in a series of free veterinary practice management videos on the Veterinary Practice Solutions YouTube channel. New videos are posted for viewing by 5:00 a.m. each Wednesday and cover a variety of topics including veterinary marketing - getting new clients and keeping your old ones, human resources, office organization, finances, and other administrative skills.

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Veterinary Practice Solutions (VPS) was founded by private practice veterinarian and management consultant Dr. Joel Parker and management consultant Hilarie Rockl. VPS provides evidence-based solutions to everyday challenges of running a practice to help practice owners get more out of their practice and more out of their life. For more information visit the VPS website at

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