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July 13, 2005 09:00 ET

Turner Valley Provides This Update on Our Partner, Win Energy's, 2005 Drilling Program

CALGARY, AB -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 13, 2005 -- Turner Valley Oil and Gas (OTC BB: TVOG)

Turner Valley is very pleased to announce that Win Energy's 82.5% ownership of Todd Creek discovery well 6-33-9-2W5 has now been completed for production. Based on the independent appraisals of recent flow tests, the estimation of this well is to have potential initial production rates equivalent of 100 BOE/day.

Further drilling in the Todd Creek region immediately south of well 6-33-9-2W5 is the 13-28-9-2W5. On May 6, Win Energy, the operator, which owns 75%, spudded this well. Total depth was reached on May 18th and this well has been cased and testing will be carried out this summer. This well is subject to tight hole status.

Win Energy drilled a second well 7-16-9-2W5 located three miles south of the 6-33-9-2W5 discovery well in 2004. Win Energy is planning to re-enter this well and deepen the borehole to encounter potential pay zones.

Last year, Win Energy acquired additional Crown lands at Todd Creek. Win was the successful bidder on two parcels (8,630 gross acres) posted by another company. These key lands located on the crest of the Todd Creek structure provide Win Energy with effective control in developing this potential gas pool. Win also acquired 160 acres of Crown leases at Cowley to complete an important drill spacing unit.

In Todd Creek, Win Energy controls 14,560 acres (75% to 82.5%) within 22.75 sections of land. This land represents effective control within the interpreted limits of this new gas pool.

Further to the Todd Creek discovery wells are the Cowley Prospects. On April 14, 2005, Petro-Canada (50%) as operator and Win Energy (50%) spudded a well at 7-29-8-1W5.Drilling has now been completed and this well has been cased and testing will be carried out this summer of 2005. This well is subject to tight hole status.

Win Energy participated with Petro-Canada in a farm-in on Petro-Canada's 1-29-7-1W5 section. This section is immediately north of its major discovery at 6-20-7-1W5.

Petro-Canada 6-20-7-1W5 came off tight hole status in 2004 and internal economic evaluations show a potential initial production equivalent to 1000 BOE/day.

Win Energy will earn a 40% working interest in the 1-29-7-1W5 well. This well has been cased and testing will be carried out this summer 2005. This well is subject to tight hole status.

Immediately south of Petro-Canada's major discovery 6-20-7-1W5 is well the well 10-17-7-1 W5 in which Win Energy owns 75% and Petro Canada owns 25%. Win Energy and Petro-Canada are currently drilling this well 10-17-7-1 W5. Win Energy is operating this drilling program.

Win Energy owns 100% of 13-9-8-1W5 well and a drill program will commence as soon as the rig is released from 10 of 17.

Win Energy & Petro-Canada as equal joint venture partners finalized an agreement with a Multi-National firm to drill one well to earn 100% in five sections of land at North Cowley with an option to drill another well to earn 100% in an additional 7.5 sections. The first earning well has been drilled at 8-29-8-1W5. This well has been cased and Petro-Canada, as operator, intends to commence the testing immediately. This well is subject to tight hole status.

To summarize the Cowley region: all the proposed Win Energy & Petro-Canada wells currently drilled and to be drilled during 2005 are located on the same triangle zone structure. These key wells will serve to delineate the aerial limits of what the Company believes is a major gas pool.

In the area of Pincher Creek and Hillspring, Win Energy has acquired interests in excess of 3,804 gross acres of land located on two separate triangle structures. In 2003, a Multi-National firm drilled and cased three potential gas wells, and now Win Energy has a 35% pooled interest with this Multi-National firm in one key section offsetting these wells. Underway are plans to drill a joint well on this lease with the Multi-National firm as the operator. Win Energy also has significant acreage representation on another untested triangle structure near the town of Pincher Creek and there is the same potential as the Cowley Region.

By March of 2005, Win Energy has become the major player in the triangle zone gas play in SW Alberta with representation of 54,080 net acres (84.5 net sections) located on four potential gas pools being developed at Todd Creek, Cowley and Pincher Creek.

Turner Valley is very pleased with the progress to date on the 2005 drilling program of Win Energy Corporation and looks forward to providing further drilling results as they become available upon completion and testing. Turner Valley is a significant shareholder in Win Energy Corporation.


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