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February 16, 2012 10:00 ET

Turnersville Pain Sufferers Turn to Massage Therapy

SEWELL, NJ--(Marketwire - Feb 16, 2012) - A Turnersville chiropractor is employing a time-honored healing practice in conjunction with modern spinal knowledge and advanced treatment techniques. Dr. Chris Eulo of Eulo Chiropractic Center, who uses massage therapy as a complement to the adjustment of spinal misalignments and soft tissue injuries, reports that many of his patients seem to experience reduced pain levels, accelerated healing and consistently better health. "My experience with these patients indicates that massage can make a significant difference in the treatment and prevention of illness or injury," says the practitioner.

According to Dr. Eulo, the physical manipulations involved in massage therapy convey many benefits to soft tissues at or underneath the massage site. "Different kinds of massage bring relief to different tissue levels," he explains. "A relatively light massage technique such as well-known Swedish massage boosts blood flow and relaxes muscles close to the skin. The light strokes used in this type of massage also help the lymph glands do a better job of enhancing the immune system; while the increase in circulation helps the tissues receive oxygen and rid themselves of toxins. Deep tissue massage uses rougher strokes to manipulate tissues closer to the bone. This type of massage helps break up adhesions, scar tissue that builds up on ligaments and muscles and limits their ability to heal properly or achieve full range of motion."

Massage is commonly prescribed for patients who have suffered sports injuries or personal injuries such as auto accidents. "Athletes put top priority on healing as fully as possible, but they also need to recover as quickly as possible," notes Dr. Eulo. "That's a difficult combination, but massage actually aids in both objectives. Personal injuries can leave lasting pain, especially when the neck or back is involved. Massage aids in pain relief by reducing local inflammation."

According to Dr. Eulo, these benefits make therapeutic massage particularly valuable as a secondary therapy to traditional adjustment. "For example, if we need to adjust the kinds of misalignments seen in personal injuries," says the Turnersville chiropractor. "A program of massage can relax the muscles and make the adjustment easier for us and more comfortable for the patient. Muscles that have been unduly strained from years of chronic poor posture from a bodily misalignment can then get the full benefit of massage's power to help the body heal itself more quickly."

Pregnant women are another category of patient who appears to benefit greatly from a combination of adjustment and massage. "Pregnancy massage is a very gentle, specialized form aimed at relieving the discomfort caused by muscle tension and edema," says Dr. Eulo. "While the adjustments give the body the best possible chance for a healthy pregnancy." The chiropractor adds that even children can benefit from massage. "It is a non-invasive way of helping the body help itself, and I would encourage Turnersville residents of all ages and states of health to learn more about it."

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