SOURCE: Revitalization Partners

July 21, 2005 09:00 ET

Turning It Around: Turnaround Expert -- Revitalization Partners' Alan Davis -- Offers Perspectives and Advice for Struggling Companies

SEATTLE, WA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 21, 2005 -- Hope is not a strategy.

Few people understand this better than Revitalization Partners co-founder Alan Davis. For years, Davis has been helping manage businesses, spur growth and increase profit margins by utilizing his extensive management background to break destructive cycles of poor decision-making and planning. His experiences were recently featured in "The Founder Factor," a new book with advice for executives and managers on how to nurture a company from a struggling start-up to a thriving corporation.

"Being interviewed for the book brought home many of the problems I see in the companies I work with," said Davis, who has held high-level management positions with Intel, Litton Industries, and Digital Equipment Corporation. "Once a company is out of the start-up phase and they've begun to see success within the market, they often don't know what to do next. Without a plan and the resources to execute it, a business simply cannot survive."

According to Davis, many managers and founders suffer from denial and, because of their close relationship to the business they have helped to build, they're unable to recognize problems until they've grown to a size that's simply unmanageable.

"Because companies often don't see the critical nature of issues in front of them until they have exploded, massive overhauls of internal processes are usually necessary to turn things around," said Davis. "Successful organizations never ignore issues and always realize that change is inevitable. They are responsive to the market and willing to make shifts in how they do business whenever and wherever necessary."

Davis stresses a key component of companies that remain strong is a willingness to always consider all the options -- even those that might be uncomfortable -- and look to outside help when necessary.

Throughout the course of Davis' 20-year career he has worked with companies -- large and small -- who were all struggling with growth issues. Some of his turnaround success stories include:

--  Advanced Interactive Systems, a company that trains law enforcement
    and military personnel through technology, to a 15-fold increase in revenue
    after a previous three-year revenue decline.
--  Software developers Starbase Corporation, after being declared
    insolvent, brought Davis on board to formulate and execute a new marketing
    strategy, which lead to the company's successful NASDAQ listing.
--  A number of private and public companies -- including AIS, DocuTouch,
    and Bell & Howell -- helping them through mergers, acquisitions, and
    venture capital campaigns.
"Revitalization Partners creates renewed strength and growth out of situations where recovery seems impossible," remarked Davis. "Every company has something worth saving. The challenge is making the decisions necessary to foster change. This is where an outside group is extremely valuable -- we're able to analyze a company without pride or prejudice and guide management toward decisions that will be in the best interest of the organization."

"While hope is never a strategy, the right turnaround plan can bring hope back to a company that may appear defeated."

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