October 16, 2009 07:05 ET

TuVox Goes Live With the North American Membership Group

Phase One Now Live

CUPERTINO, CA--(Marketwire - October 16, 2009) - TuVox, a leading provider of On Demand speech applications, today announced that the North American Membership Group (NAMG) has gone live with the TuVox On Demand platform. This milestone represents completion of the initial phase of migrating NAMG's customer service automation to the TuVox solution.

"TuVox completely streamlined our current touch tone automated system which resulted in both an improved member experience and a reduction in NAMG's operating costs," said Andrea Meester, NAMG's Assistant Vice President for Member Services. "By improving our call flow, TuVox has helped us to the point where we can now focus on enhancing the world class support our members have come to expect from NAMG."

"The TuVox team was remarkable throughout the entire transition process," continued Meester. "From day one they conducted themselves as knowledgeable leaders in the industry: they made the process very easy!"

John Kirst, TuVox' SVP for Global Sales and Marketing, stated that successfully taking the NAMG system live "is what TuVox is all about: quality outcomes with proven, state-of-the-art technology."

The next phase of TuVox' NAMG solution will add additional functionality to the now-streamlined system, making sure their most valuable customers are transferred immediately to a live agent.

About TuVox

Since 2000, TuVox has become synonymous with superior caller experience. TuVox customers achieve improved customer retention and increased revenue through innovative combinations of technology and live agent service. Companies benefit from reduced costs by optimizing the mix of live and automated service. TuVox leverages customer investments in next-generation technology with a choice of hosted or premise deployment.

About the North American Membership Group

Enter the world of North American Membership Group, Inc. (NAMG) and you'll learn why our members and advertisers tend to stick around. With more than 4.8 million members, who do more, use more and spend more than the average American, NAMG is a place where advertising sticks. For more than 30 years, NAMG has excelled in creating and growing large membership clubs, magazines, and online communities that provide a network of support for our members. Following our highly successful business model, we market twelve distinct lifestyle clubs that thrive on the camaraderie that we foster between our members and the clubs.

Each club's magazine and website is rich with informative articles and how-to features that inform, motivate, teach and entertain members. This provides our media properties with a unique competitive advantage. Instead of ordinary readers, we deliver active members of a community. And since our readers have elected to join a club, they are naturally more energetic, more passionate and more involved in their special interest. It's this close relationship-between member and club-that pays off for our advertisers.

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