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October 31, 2011 04:00 ET

TV Ad Campaign Boosts Vauxhall Used Car Sales for 2011

A Recent Study Shows That During 2011, Car Manufacturer Vauxhall has Benefitted from Its Targeted TV Advertising Campaigns, Which Appeared to have Significantly Boosted Interest and Sales Activity Online With Their Vauxhall Used Cars.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Oct. 31, 2011) - UK used car advertising website Desperate Seller has recently been monitoring a number of online reports to follow the latest trends in web-based used car sales and web traffic. Latest reports for 2011 have indicated that UK-based car manufacturer Vauxhall has seen one of the sharpest peaks in interest so far this year, with online activity surging during February.

Although traditionally Vauxhall models remain popular as both new car and used purchases, it is thought that this sudden and marked fluctuation in activity surrounding Vauxhall cars was triggered by offline advertising activities. During February 2011, Vauxhall ran a television advertising campaign to promote their Lifetime Warranty deal that covers their new cars up to 100,000 miles. In the campaign, Vauxhall cite their brand as the first car manufacturer in the UK to offer such a deal.

The peak in consumer interest rose sharply during February to around 400% of the average percentage of car manufacturer unique visits, but has since waned in comparison to other perennial favourites of the car manufacturing industry, such as Ford, Volkswagen and BMW. This peak corresponds exactly with the lifetime guarantee advertising campaign, which featured a number of car models from Vauxhall's long lineage alongside the central "warranty for the lifetime of your car" theme. Whilst the campaign will have definitely sought to promote the benefits of the warranty in relation to new purchases, it may have also served as a timely reminder of popular Vauxhall models in recent years, many of which continue to sell well within the used car market.

Online-Offline Advertising Activity

Desperate Seller continues to monitor the online and offline advertising activities of many car manufacturers, as it seems in recent months both have an important part to play in the peaking and waning of consumer interest within the used car industry. Since February 2011, visits to Vauxhall manufacturer pages have gradually receded to around 200% above January 2011's average rates, in line with a general recovery in performance within the car industry.

Desperate Seller has also noted that the surge in visits to Vauxhall's car manufacturing pages has only been matched by a rise in unique online visits to used BMW car model pages. Again, offline advertising and promotional activity from BMW during February could well have been a 'trigger' for this spike in interest. During this month, BMW's general sales and marketing activity was focusing on the unveiling of several new models including the BMW MINI Countryman, BMW 5 Series and BMW X models, with the unveiling of new models will help to bring down the price of preceding models and marks within the used car market.

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