April 11, 2006 10:05 ET

TV Comes to the Internet for Next Online Revolution, States Wi-Fi TV and Online Movie Creator

NEWPORT BEACH, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 11, 2006 -- The founder of Wi-Fi TV Inc. (OTC: WTVN), and the creator of online movie delivery in December 1995, stated today that the migration of TV to the Internet, along with all the global delivery and interactive features that the Internet offers and conventional TV delivery does not, is the basis of the next online revolution.

Alex Kanakaris, who was interviewed on TV over the past several years about the future of the Internet by such individuals as Vinton Cerf, father of the Internet and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Gen. Alexander Haig and the late Cap Weinberger, and who is author of Signs of Intelligent Life on the Internet (available at, stated:

"Every time it has looked like the great changes brought about by the Internet have reached a plateau, a major new breakthrough has put the Internet back into a historical trajectory and re-written the way that people communicate on a global scale. The announcement yesterday by a major network about the placement of prime-time shows on the Internet is much bigger than it appears on the surface.

"It is a tacit acknowledgement by the old guard -- the established power brokers of traditional media and entertainment -- that young people (in particular) have embraced the Internet as their means of choice in how to spend their time. It means that the old TV broadcast towers, the cable infrastructure, and even the nature of TV channels themselves, have been shaken to the core by the Internet revolution. If history serves as a guide, it is a time of unprecedented opportunity for new leaders to emerge to shape how this technological and social revolution evolves. And it is now clearer than ever that the Internet revolution has just begun," Mr. Kanakaris concluded.

On May 1, 2006, Mr. Kanakaris will give a full length webcast on the State of the Internet, focusing on the convergence of TV and the Internet (the webcast will be carried free, both live and archived, at In the summer and fall, Mr. Kanakaris will commence TV, radio and in-person appearances to both discuss the Internet and also promote the online TV service he founded, Wi-Fi TV.

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