November 30, 2011 09:00 ET

TV Series Proves that Americans LOVE Aviation

OSHKOSH, WISCONSIN--(Marketwire - Nov. 30, 2011) - The ratings are in for the first season of "The Aviators," the weekly TV series airing across the US on PBS. And the numbers are extremely encouraging.

The average weekly household viewership in the US for season one was an incredible 3,590,899. Assuming 2.6 viewers per household that equates to 9,336,337 viewers. Projections suggest an increase of 10% for season two. That would result in 3,949,989 households and 10,269,971 viewers.

"These numbers are almost double what we had forecast," said Anthony Nalli, Executive Producer of 'The Aviators' and one of the show's hosts. "It's clear that the passion for aviation is alive and well and that something was simply needed to awaken what was lying dormant in so many for so long."

The second season of "The Aviators" premiered last September on PBS and is also broadcast across Canada on Travel+Escape, overseas on Discovery, and online on iTunes and Hulu.

According to Nalli, the show is also contributing to growing the pilot population. "We receive emails with humbling regularity from fans crediting the show with providing the inspiration to fulfill their lifelong dream of finally getting their pilot's license."

The third season of "The Aviators" is now in production and the producers have also begun work on a new series entitled "Air Boss." Additional information on both shows can be found at

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