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December 03, 2008 05:45 ET

TV Worldwide's Maritime TV Selected as Official Webcaster of the International WorkBoat Show 2008, December 3-4, Live From New Orleans

Caterpillar, Nace International, Honda Marine, Hillhouse Industrial and Marine, Llebroc, Bruker, Ship Equip, GMATS, Karl Senner, GKN Driveline, Green Ships, Eco-Emissions, Wilson and Hayes, Fuel Right, Castle and Eco-Star to Be Featured During Free Webcast on Internet TV Channel Maritime TV (

CHANTILLY, VA--(Marketwire - December 3, 2008) - Maritime TV (, an Internet TV channel on the TV Worldwide Network dedicated to coverage of the maritime industry, announced that it had been selected by Diversified Business Communications as the official webcaster of the 2008 International WorkBoat Show, December 3-4, in New Orleans. The free archived webcast will include interviews with industry leaders attending the show and highlight the latest products, services, keynote sessions, issues and news concerning the commercial marine industry. Webcast Supporting Sponsors, who will be featured during the webcast include Caterpillar, Nace International, Honda Marine, Hillhouse Industrial and Marine, Llebroc, Bruker, Shipequip, GMATS, Karl Senner, GKN Driveline, Green Ships, Eco-Emissions, Wilson and Hayes, Fuel Right, Castle and Eco-Star.

The live webcast will begin each day at 11:00 AM CT. While at the WorkBoat Show, Captain Keith Coburn of the "Deadliest Catch" will present to exhibition visitors about "How Caterpillar Helps Him 'Make Progress Possible' in the Bering Sea" at 1:00 PM CT on December 3 and 4.

"We are pleased that Maritime TV was selected by Diversified Business Communications for this webcast and we applaud them for using the latest technology to make this event available on-line, globally," stated Dave Gardy, Chairman and CEO of TV Worldwide. "This is the largest commercial marine trade show in North America. If you make your living on the water, or provide services to those who do, this will be a valuable webcast to view on Maritime TV."

The event will be available live and archived for viewing at Participants should have the free Windows Media Player installed prior to viewing content from the live webcast event which will begin on Wednesday, December 3. The video content will be archived for a full year on Maritime TV.

About TV Worldwide and Maritime TV

Founded in 1999, TV Worldwide ( developed the first Internet TV network of community-based Internet TV channels, primarily targeting niche professional communities ranging from the Maritime industry ( to the Digital Media sector ( Known by many in the industry as "Internet TV for Smart People," Fortune 500 companies, 15 federal government agencies, and numerous International associations including the National Association of Broadcasters, utilize TV Worldwide's live and archived state-of-the art video streaming content applications and Internet TV channels. In recognition of the company's unique achievements in new media, TV Worldwide was selected by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) to webcast the Daytime Emmy Awards and the 59th Annual Emmy awards for Technology and Engineering in both 2007 and 2008. CEO Dave Gardy has been honored by Streaming Media Magazine in 2008 as one of the 25 Most Influential People in Streaming Media. Mr. Gardy also currently serves as the President of the International Webcasting Association (IWA) ( and is a graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.

About Diversified Business Communications

Diversified Business Communications, based in Portland, Maine, provides information and market access through trade exhibitions, magazine publishing, and eMedia products on four continents. Diversified serves a number of industries including seafood, food service, natural and organic products, commercial marine, integrative health care, and business management. Diversified operates divisions in Australia, Canada and the UK.

About Honda Marine

Honda Marine's 4-stroke engine technology has set a new benchmark for fuel efficiency, quiet operation, and low emissions. Honda's outboards share the same unparalleled durability, quality, and reliability of its legendary automobiles. With models ranging from 2 to 225 horsepower, Honda Marine's full line of current production models meets rigorous California Air Resources Board (CARB) marine standards, ensuring their availability and regulatory compliance in all 50 states.

About NACE International

NACE International, the leading engineering society for corrosion prevention and mitigation, is dedicated to promoting public safety, protecting the environment, and reducing the economic impact of corrosion. With over 20,000 members worldwide, NACE provides training and certification, produces industry standards, and sponsors conferences.

About Caterpillar Marine Power Systems

Caterpillar Marine Power Systems, with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, brings together all the sales and service activities for Cat and MaK branded marine products within Caterpillar Inc. This organization provides premier marine power solutions (high and medium speed with outputs from 11 kW to 16,000 kW) and customer service from a single source for the global ocean-going, commercial and pleasure craft markets. The Caterpillar Marine Power Systems sales and service network includes more than 2,100 dealer locations world-wide and is well positioned to support customers wherever they are.

About Karl Senner, Inc.

Karl Senner, Inc. is the North American representative for Reintjes marine gears, Berg propellers and thrusters, and Steerprop azimuthing propulsors, serving Canada, the United States and Mexico, for sales, parts and service. Karl Senner, Inc., Reintjes, Berg Propulsion and Steerprop have become leaders in marine industry for three reasons: product quality, extremely good service, and commitment to customer satisfaction. With their attention to the marine market and their constant pursuit of state-of-the-art advances in marine propulsion technology, Karl Senner, Inc., Reintjes, Berg and Steerprop are in the forefront of the marine industry as quality leaders in marine products. Karl Senner, Inc. takes pride in providing customers with a comprehensive package from the design and engineering specifications to installation inspections and completion of sea trials.

About The Global Maritime and Transportation School (GMATS)

The Global Maritime and Transportation School (GMATS) offers the most extensive maritime and transportation professional education. Our Mission is to prepare private sector, government and military professionals to be global leaders and innovators in maritime operations, inter-modal systems, and transportation security. GMATS has earned a distinguished reputation as a global institutional leader in providing world-class, professional mariner education and training in accordance with the provisions of the International Maritime Organization(IMO) Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers(STCW) and other national and international standards, laws, and regulations. Subject areas include: Marine Engineering, Original License and Renewal, Electrical, Information Technology, Marine Simulation and Research, and Security.

GMATS is collocated with the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy on 82 acres overlooking Long Island Sound in Kings Point, NY. GMATS is located about 20 miles east of midtown Manhattan, New York City.

About Green Ships

As president of Greenships Stas Margaronis has sought to construct small container ships for the U.S. (Jones Act) trades since 1998 and worked with Governor Schwarzenegger's Freight Movement Council to develop a short sea shipping strategy for California.

In February 2007, Stas Margaronis testified before the U.S. House of Representatives transportation committee urging the creation of a national short sea shipbuilding initiative to reduce truck congestion, high fuel consumption and emissions contributing to global warming. His articles on trade and manufacturing have appeared in the Journal of Commerce, the Asian Wall Street Journal, the Baltimore Sun, the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch and the San Francisco Chronicle. He has authored a guide to U.S. employee rights (1982), a guide to U.S. trade problems with Japan (1989) and won a Lucy Lang Fellowship at the School for Industrial Relations at the University of California, Los Angeles.

About Bruker

The Bruker (, Safe Environment Engineering (, Vialogy ( team brings an interoperability solution for critical events, critical infrastructure, and large area coverage using multiple sensor packages, NIMS standards compliance communication, efficient networking, and vital situation awareness tools like plume modeling. The already functioning system allows real time monitoring from multiple sensor locations via internet connection from anywhere in the world. Some of the benefits include the ability to set up local Wi-Fi networks of sensors for critical event coverage within a couple of hours, ability to utilize cellular networks, common look and feel to application displays of detector readings, exporting of data through CAP standards, monitor live meters from a control room, automatic warnings/alerts of sensor triggers and elimination of voice transmission of sensor alarms. The Vialogy Sensor Policy Manager (SPM) integrates all elements of a large or small multiple sensor network to collect, correlate, and analyze numerous data points in order to drive correct and timely alerts, actions and policy decisions automatically and eliminates time consuming human interactions.

About EcoEmissions Systems, Inc.

EcoEmissions Systems, Inc. has been the driver behind the Precombustion Catalyst System called the "EES Process." By entering into the engine combustion chamber with the air, the catalyst cleans the exposed surfaces of soot before actually affecting the fuel. Large Diesel engines are experiencing an average reduction of 9.2% fuel, 25% reduction in opacity, major reductions in hydrocarbons, NOx and particulate matter, and a reduction in exhaust temperature of 10 to 15%. This product saves more in fuel cost by double than it costs to use. The environmental and engine life features are free.

About Llebroc Industries

Llebroc Industries, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, is the leading manufacturer of an exclusive line of high quality, affordable luxury pilot recliners for both indoor and outdoor applications. Visit our website at for comprehensive information on our complete line of products, and to place your orders.

About Wilson and Hayes

Since 1935 Wilson and Hayes has been a leader in the manufacturing of shipboard furniture and custom sheet metal fabrication, building a world-wide reputation for quality and integrity through our products and services. We not only manufacture standard naval designs of furniture, but also build custom pieces to suit any application, specification or design.

Working closely with our Manufacturing team, our Engineering Department can quickly make any modification you may need to a design or, if required, design something completely custom to meet your needs. Our manufacturing process allows us to make custom units in about the same amount of time it would take to produce one of our standard models. Wilson and Hayes offers quick ship dates. Don't be afraid to tell us what you really want.

About Hillhouse Industrial & Marine

Hillhouse Industrial & Marine will be featuring The ShaftMaster this year at the International WorkBoat Show. The ShaftMaster saves fuel by providing shaft horsepower, torque, RPM, and optional speed and fuel flow which gives the vessel instantaneous data that can be sent to an Excel spreadsheet by using our software. Hillhouse Industrial & Marine can provide sea trials and other controls & automation. The ShaftMaster can be used as a permanent or portable system. Visit us at booth 3031 for more information!

About GKN Driveline

As an engineering business with extensive automotive experience and a global resource network, GKN Driveline delivers solutions quickly, economically and efficiently -- from drawing through to full-scale production. The company is a true partner to the world automotive industry. Multi-talented, multilingual global account teams work closely with each and every customer to develop a clear understanding of their requirements -- and then deliver optimum solutions accurately engineered to all specifications. GKN Driveline is a global tier-one supplier of vehicle driveline components and systems with annual sales of RMB28 billion. The company has 21,000 employees and 40 facilities in 30 countries.


Our intent is to help company management balance the needs of ongoing fleet operations by offering solutions to make them more cost effective, improve overall profitability and at the same time reduce its environmental impact and carbon footprint.

By using what is referred to as BACT or Best Available Control Technology, we can offer a range of products that will meet the BACT definition:


About Ship Equip

WorkBoat Show Dec. 3-5, 2008
Booth 3349 Opening Day 4:30-5:30

Ship Equip INC would like to extend a personal invitation to you to visit our exhibit at The International WorkBoat Show on opening day. We are excited to present our products and services, and our official launch of our Americas operations, which complement our worldwide infrastructure for sales and support of our offerings.

WORLD'S FASTEST GROWING (Comsys Report 2008)

Ship Equip continues to deliver high bandwidth broadband to ships at an ever increasing rate. Within the last few years Ship Equip has been the fastest growing VSAT provider in the World and the leading provider of VSAT solutions worldwide.


Ship Equip conducts its business in the maritime sector worldwide. The company aims to provide clients with the most cost effective solutions to their voice, data and TV/video communication needs. This is achieved by distributing the desired signal through satellites and our own specialized equipment in the most efficient manner, as well as offering integrated communication solutions.


Ship Equip was established as a satellite TV provider in the early 1990s, where we quickly expanded our land based business to the maritime sector. The lessons we learned in the early days, operating our systems in one of the harshest environments in the world, the North Sea, have proven valuable to the continued growth of the company. We realize that the ability to transmit signals onboard moving ships in rough seas was an important asset and a valuable product. Since then we have developed and refined our technology and we apply it to our present market areas. We are confident about our ability to deliver the best quality product on the market. Our offices in Houston and Singapore are in operation, where they are able to service our customers efficiently. The offices in Iceland, London, Seattle and Oslo make it easier for a ship owner to get into direct contact with a knowledgeable Ship Equip professional. Ship Equip headquarters are located in Aalesund, Norway.

Contact: David Quarders

About Fuel Right

Fuel Right sludge-control products (EP, 6000, 7500, Summer Diesel, Winter Diesel) inhibit the formation of sludge in clean systems and slowly break down existing sludge in fouled systems. The things released in this process pass harmlessly through the system and burn as fuel. If there is free condensed water in a system, Fuel Right treats it with a fuel antifreeze, protecting against fuel system freeze-ups in the winter months. Most importantly, Fuel Right coats steel surfaces in your system, protecting them against corrosion from the combined effects of moisture and contamination.

Laboratory tests have shown that Fuel Right is uniquely effective in protecting fuel systems against the ravages of fuel contamination. To learn more about these test results, go to See The Results ( If you have any questions you can Contact Us ( by phone or Email.

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