July 13, 2010 09:00 ET

Twilight Eclipsed by Toy Story and Shrek: NetBase Brand Passion Index Shows Social Media Movie Fans Love Animated Family Films

Despite Dominating the July 4th Holiday Box Office, Twilight Heartthrobs Attract Polarized Passion in Online Chatter

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - July 13, 2010) -  NetBase, the Insight Discovery company, today announced the latest Brand Passion Index, which measures consumer passion for brands expressed via social media. As the summer box office heats up, NetBase used its ConsumerBase tool to surface emotions and passion levels associated with some of the biggest summer movie franchises: Toy Story, Shrek, Harry Potter, Twilight, Karate Kid and Iron Man.

The results, visualized below, revealed a dramatic twist: ticket sales don't equate to love -- Twilight's voluminous chatter (and dominance at the July 4th weekend box office) is eclipsed by the intensely positive feelings expressed for Toy Story and Shrek.

Despite ranking #1 at the box office and pulling in more than $64 million in its first weekend, NetBase's Brand Passion Index showed that Twilight has a polarizing effect on movie-goers. While opinions about the hunky vampire franchise are shared more frequently than the other summer movies, passionate feelings run the gamut of emotions:

"I just so love the Twilight Saga right now, especially the love triangle going on between the human (Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart ), the vampire (Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattinson) and the werewolf (Jacob Black, played by Taylor Lautner)... huh, what more can you get?"

"We love Twilight because it is beautiful, perfect, nothing we've ever seen before."

"I will forever hate the twilight series for taking away everything that made Vampires and Werewolves badass."

"I hate Twilight because it's a poorly written piece of crap series about vampires that aren't vampires."

Toy Story 3 trailed behind Twilight's Eclipse over the holiday weekend ($30 million in ticket sales), but the 15-year-old franchise still has a positively nostalgic effect on fans. ConsumerBase showed that people love Toy Story because of its appeal for the "whole family" and ability to resurrect memories of childhood:

"I love Toy Story because it brings out the child in me."

"I love watching Toy Story with my Grand kids, mainly because I love the characters."

"Toy Story 3 is full of those wonderful moments that remind you of being a kid."

"I loved seeing Toy Story in 3D -- HOORAY CHILDHOOD!"

Shrek came in second and Harry Potter third following Toy Story in terms of highest score on the "love" side of the index, while feelings about Iron Man and Karate Kid were lukewarm, displaying considerably more "like" than any other emotion.

"I have been in love with Shrek and the whole eccentric bunch -- puss in boots, fiona, donkey, ginger and etc -- since the first movie."

"Just saw Shrek 4 with the family -- loved the movie- so cute and very funny! The girls loved it too."

About the Brand Passion Index

Each month, the Brand Passion Index analyzes consumer passion for brands in various categories and publishes the results on the NetBase blog. In May, NetBase debuted the first Brand Passion Index with passion for Memorial Day Shopping, and in June, the company examined Everything Golf.

To generate the Index, ConsumerBase reads online conversations and extracts the meaning while capturing the intensity of emotions that consumers express about a brand. The combination of passion intensity and amount of chatter determines the consumer emotional involvement level in each brand.

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