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February 02, 2017 09:00 ET

Twin Cities 2017 Talent Forecast Anticipates Rising Wages and a Shrinking Talent Pool

True Talent Group releases industry insights to help Twin Cities leadership teams

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwired - February 02, 2017) - True Talent Group, a Minneapolis boutique staffing and recruiting agency, is releasing insights that showcase challenges that are ahead for leadership teams and hiring managers across the Twin Cities.

Three of the five trends from the forecast include:

  • Increased wages: It is a byproduct of low unemployment. Minnesota's employment is at an all-time peak of 2.9 million. Bringing on new staff in 2017 will likely mean that companies will pay more for talent.
  • Shrinking talent pool: Excellent, available talent is hard to find. Savvy talent scouting is a must to select the best of the available talent. Hiring managers will have limited time to make an offer and will need to decide based on limited information due to the frequency of multiple offers.
  • Streamline the hiring process: The multiple step flow chart can't keep up with the speed of today's market. This hot job market will benefit well-organized companies and discredit those that drag their hiring feet.

"The Talent Forecast helps us get a pulse on the market and allows hiring managers insights into what they can anticipate. This year we are seeing very different trends from previous years -- and understanding how these trends affect the hiring process has never been more important," said Stacey Stratton, President and CEO of True Talent Group. "More than ten of the past sixteen years the U.S. economy lost more jobs than it created, but 2016 was different and 2017 will be too."

Each year True Talent Group produces a Talent Forecast to chart the future year for businesses around the Twin Cities. To download a copy of the Talent Forecast, click here:

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