October 01, 2009 06:01 ET

Twingly Channels Help Internet Users Manage the Wildly Out-Of-Control River of Real-Time Conversations and News Streams

Twingly Channels is a social meme-tracker that enables social filtering on top of feeds and real-time search to help people easily track any topic, brand or person

LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwire - Oct. 1, 2009) - Twingly, creators of the popular microblogging search tool and blog ranking system and its moderated trackback enterprise service for large websites Twingly Blogstream, unveiled its newest product Twingly Channels (also referred to as "Project Shinobi") at the Future of Web Apps (FOWA) conference, which is being held September 30 to October 2 at London's Kensington Hall.

Twingly Channels is a unique 'social meme-tracker' that fuses real-time search, news aggregation, and filtering with a social space for people with similar interests. Twingly Channels help people cut down on information overload on the Web and taps into topics, conversations and other content of interest.

People can create a Twingly Channel on any topic area (as broad or specific as they want) and define the search terms for that topic. Twingly then uses its search power to provide an RSS stream of the relevant posts, tweets, updates, and news. Feeds are continuously ranked using Twingly's proprietary ranking algorithm and are displayed in both real-time updates and most popular for that selected topic.

More than a real-time search, Twingly offers a dynamic social experience that connects people who share specific interests and allows them to collaborate to achieve the best results. People can invite others into their channel to monitor the topic, as well as add keywords and help shape the results streams. Channel creators and subscribers can comment on any incoming content to spark discussions. Users can also 'like' items to boost their ranking in the popular stream, thus leveraging the collective intelligence of a group of people with shared interests.

"We're all plagued with information overload on the Web. Twingly Channels lets people cut out the noise of online search and the real-time web - to instantly see what news and content to spend time on," said Twingly CEO, Martin Kallstrom. "By following topics rather than bloggers or outlets, Twingly simplifies the challenge of RSS, social search, and the real-time web."

Twingly Channels can also be used by companies for brand tracking and social media monitoring. Internal channels can be created for any product, company, brand, or competitor name - enabling marketing, PR, and customer service professionals to track and participate in all related conversations, posts, tweets, and comments across the Web. The technology can also be used publicly to create a fun social space for fans of a brand to participate.

Twingly Channels is launching into private beta and will be open to the public later this year.

About Twingly

Founded in 2006, Twingly is the creator of, the popular blog search engine featuring a spam-free, faceted, social search for the global blogosphere. Without any marketing, currently serves 25M+ search results per month, most through the Twingly API.

Twingly has been instrumental in driving change in European media by connecting mainstream media with blogs through its enterprise offering Twingly Blogstream, a moderated trackback function for large websites, providing measurably higher visitor engagement and greater attention in the blogosphere. Twingly Blogstream is used by 100 newspapers, magazines and television channels in ten countries, helping them get more attention from bloggers and generating 300M+ monthly widget views.

Twingly is headquartered in Linkoping, Sweden. For more information visit Follow Twingly on Twitter at @twingly and on the Twingly blog.

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