August 20, 2014 09:00 ET

Twitter Latest Company to Recognize Power of Video to Increase Revenue Stream

Video Platform Company Modulates Is Already at Forefront of Internet Video Revolution

SANTA MONICA, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 20, 2014) - The revolution will be tweeted. Micro-blogging platform Twitter is on the cutting edge of current events, as Twitter's 271 million members use the site to relay live information about everything from the police protest movement in Ferguson, Missouri to ALS's bucket challenge. The company has now announced that it will test promoted videos as a way of creating advertising revenue from the popular site.

The effectiveness of video as an unbeatable Internet marketing tool has already been recognized by Modulates, a video platform that gives advertisers the ability to collect and publish videos and watch them go viral. With one click, users can record videos from their home computers, tablets or smart phones or upload the videos directly via their dashboard, where they can quickly distribute the videos around the world. Modulates publishers then post the videos on their website and help advertisers increase their sales. In return Publishers earn a commission for their referral.

"What Twitter is doing is the best of both worlds, unlocking the ability of video to promote products without forcing it on people who would rather not watch ads," said Nouriel Gino Yazdinian, the founder of Modulates. "Research shows that people are more likely to click videos that are organic and authentic. Twitter is very forward about its intention to offer advertisers analytical data about the performance of their ads, letting them decide whether they are getting enough 'bang for their buck.'"

As Yazdinian notes, Twitter will offer advertisers access to a full suite of tools to closely monitor user engagement with the ads, including completion percentage and the effectiveness of organic views vs. paid video views. Modulates already offers its advertisers smart metrics and the ability to manage all of its campaigns from a single dashboard. This allows advertisers to tweak campaigns for maximum performance. As Twitter and Modulates realize, tweaking or changing a marketing campaign is nearly impossible once it has been committed to print or television. The Internet is far more flexible for advertisers.

Since Modulates has created a platform that is designed to take advantage of the social and viral aspects of the Internet, companies who use Modulates will easily be able to integrate their videos into Twitter's system. Modulates has seen the future, and the future is Internet video.

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