January 25, 2006 13:00 ET

Two Is Better than One: In Pursuit of a Better Search

WASHINGTON--(CCNMatthews - Jan 25, 2006) -

New Dumbfind.com Search Engine's Two-Box Search Method Combines Keywords with Clustering and Tagging Technologies, Offers More Than One Way to Find Results

With a traditional search engine, simple keywords prompt masses of results. With the new Dumbfind.com search engine, a keyword plus a related tag produces search results that can't be found anywhere else. The engine's two-box search method empowers searches in a new way by combining traditional keywords with tags or categories. The Dumbfind engine sorts its findings into related tag clusters more intelligently ranked to match the searcher's real intent.

"We designed Dumbfind for those looking for a better and alternative search method to what the traditional mass engines like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft's MSN or even Ask Jeeves or Clusty are offering," says Chris Seline, Dumbfounder and President. "Whether you're a power searcher or just frustrated with the limitations of unilateral keyword searches, Dumbfind offers you an efficient, intuitive search experience."

The key difference between Dumbfind's two-box search method and generic keyword searches are the targeted results. "With the leading traditional keyword search engine, if you put in the word 'opera' for example, you'll get 393,000,000 hits in .07 seconds. But who has the time to sift through more than 300 million results to find the handful of relevant sites that will provide the answers you're looking for?" questions Seline.

"With Dumbfind, if searchers want to find answers about musical opera, they could enter the word 'opera' in the first keyword search box for keywords and plug in 'music' to the second box to get results more relevant than just searching by keyword. Dumbfind provides more options and flexibility. If searchers are inclined to put more intuition into their search, we give them that opportunity."

If users don't know what tag to apply to their search, they can do a regular keyword search on Dumbfind. The results will be similar to those found on other search engines. However, to the left of those results under the "related tag clusters" section, Dumbfind will suggest related tags that could better hone the search.

About Dumbfind

Dumbfind goes above and beyond traditional search engines by acting as a guide in the query refinement process. Dumbfind is headquartered in Washington, DC. For more information or to try a better search yourself, visit www.dumbfind.com.

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