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May 27, 2005 20:21 ET

Two New Convertible RAID Systems From Infortrend Provide Flexible SATA II Storage

Cost-Effective "MassCube" Works as Tower or Stackable Desktop RAID Storage Array

TAIPEI, TAIWAN -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 27, 2005 -- COMPUTEX TAIPEI, May 31 - June 4, 2005, Booth B534/536/534b/536b, Hall 1, 1st Floor, Data Storage Device/Media Area -- At COMPUTEX today, RAID storage expert Infortrend® has introduced two new convertible desktop or tower "MassCube" form factor subsystems to its line of EonStor® Serial ATA (SATA) RAID arrays. The units are successors of the ES A08U-C2410 (Cube) which debuted last year as the company's first SATA II product supporting SATA I drives in addition to the latest SATA II hard drives with features such as native command queuing (NCQ).

Building on the success of the previous Cube design, these systems benefit from several design changes as well as provide a low-cost choice for entry-level storage. Shared features include a hard tooled chassis for increased stability and ease of assembly and maintenance. With a single 250W power supply and one SCSI-320 host channel, the ES A08U-C2411 (MassCube-1) takes RAID storage to its simplest form to provide an extremely economic choice for data storage.

Similar to their predecessor, the new convertible MassCube systems can cascade a maximum of four enclosures together to create capacity expansion up to 12TB. The EonStor A08U-C2412 (MassCube-2) is well suited for small and medium businesses (SMB) using clustered server applications. With its value price point, the ES A08U-C2412 is ideal for SMB and small office/home office (SOHO) customers in the security/CCTV or appliance server (e.g., file, web or ftp servers) markets.

"Infortrend continues to lead the industry by offering the widest variety of innovative RAID storage designs," said Scott Wu, senior director of Asia Pacific sales for Infortrend. "By combining cost-effective options with high-end performance features, such as support for volumes larger than 2TB and intelligent drive handling, Infortrend brings fault-tolerance and scalability to small and midsize enterprise and departmental installations."

EonStor A08U-C2411 and A08U-C2412 Features Comparison

Feature                      A08U-C2411                A08U-C2412
Controller                   ASIC266 platform          ASIC266 platform
Battery Backup Unit:
 hot swappable without
 removing the controller     None                     1
Cooling Module:
 hot-swap module;
 auto-switching              2                        2
Power Supply Unit            250W single              250W redundant
Host Channels:
 VHDCI connectors)           1                        2
EonStor RAID subsystems offer unparalleled flexibility with 64TB capacity per logical drive (LD); multiple logical drive configurations -- each with a different RAID level; online expansion for adding, copying, and replacing drives; configurable optimization mode; background LD initialization; and multi-host support. Broad RAID level support includes 0, 1(0+1), 3, 5, 10, 30, 50, JBOD, and NRAID.

Infortrend Smart Technologies

Derived from more than ten years of experience in RAID storage design, Infortrend's subsystems are based on their own proprietary firmware codes that help safeguard disk array storage and provide a clearly defined, high performance standard in terms of maximum protection against failures and fast I/O transmission speeds. These intelligent firmware functional groups, IOSmart, DrvSmart, and SysSmart, are designed to strike a balance between system performance and data availability.

About Infortrend

Focused on RAID storage technology since its founding in 1992, Infortrend designs, manufactures and markets cross-platform, high performance RAID storage solutions. The company specializes in firmware, driver, ASIC design and development of RAID controllers and subsystems that are storage area network (SAN) ready, and support Fibre Channel, SCSI, ATA and SATA interfaces. Designed to be flexible, cost-effective and feature-rich, Infortrend products are available through a worldwide network of OEMs and distributors. Infortrend is traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (Taiex), ticker number 2495 and is on the web at

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