July 08, 2008 09:03 ET

Two Post-College Guys Go Cross-Country to Meet Hundreds of Online Friends in Person

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - July 8, 2008) - Ryan Spillers and John Madden first met three months ago on WooMe, the world's first live introductions website where people interact in one-minute voice and video sessions via webcam. Since then, the two recent college grads have met over 1,000 people on WooMe from all over the world. This summer, they are teaming up for a cross-country road trip stopping in 15 cities and recruiting hundreds of WooMe users to volunteer at local charities along the way. The two will document their experiences on their video blog:

Both Ryan and John were "super users" of the site who caught the attention of WooMe CEO, Stephen Stokols, who hired the two as full-time employees when they pitched him the idea for the Woo Around America road trip. Stokols has since stepped up to fund the trip and is encouraging users to meet Ryan and John on the site and get involved in the trip themselves.

The journey will begin in San Francisco and end five weeks later in New York. People can follow along with John and Ryan via their blog and Twitter.


"John and I are leveraging our network of friends from WooMe as well as Facebook and MySpace to not only line up couches to crash on and meet people to hang out with in each city, but we're also recruiting people to put in time with some charities as well. This is something we both feel passionately about, we have been given an awesome opportunity and we want to give back some of our time in a meaningful way in return."

Attributed to Ryan Spillers, WooMe

"I have been using WooMe since last October and have actually traveled across the country to meet some incredible people before, which is how I came up with the idea for the road trip and pitched it to Stephen Stokols, WooMe's CEO. I feel lucky to be able to see the country this way and meet even more of my contacts offline. WooMe has given me the opportunity to expand my circle of friends beyond geographic boundaries and I am excited to be able to experience what it's like to meet these people in person."

Attributed to John Madden, WooMe

"Fifty years since the inception of the Internet, it has turned out to be not just a technological innovation, but a social medium. Ryan and John are great examples of how people are finding new ways to connect online and then turn that into a meaningful real world experience. As a company, we are excited to be enabling the evolution of communication online -- through live video."

Attributed to Stephen Stokols, WooMe CEO

Road Trip Schedule

July 7-8: San Francisco
July 9-10: Los Angeles
July 11-12: San Diego
July 13-15: Las Vegas
July 16-18: Phoenix
July 19-22: Austin
July 23-24: Houston
July 25-28: New Orleans
July 29-30: Atlanta
July 31-Aug. 1: Charlotte
Aug. 2-4: Alexandria
Aug. 5-6: Washington, D.C.
Aug. 7-8: Philadelphia
Aug. 9-12: Boston
Aug. 13-14: New York

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About WooMe

WooMe is the world's largest live introductions platform. WooMe extends the concept of speed dating online to allow users to meet live in timed sessions via webcam. There are no questionnaires, lengthy profile descriptions or software to download, users can simply find a speed session that interests them, join and meet five people in five minutes. WooMe is easy, fast and free allowing users to meet new people around any shared interest for fun, to hook up, or for pure entertainment. With WooMe, meeting people online is transformed into a face-to-face experience that makes sifting through static profiles a thing of the past.

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