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Two SIP Trunk Providers That Make Office Communication Simple, Announced by

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 2, 2014) - Companies often state that they have a reliable IP PBX to access the Internet, but complain that they are still straddled with a conventional telephone line. To keep office communication streamlined, it may be time to integrate both voice and data connections into one system. The solution to this problem is called SIP trunking. It's the intelligent and safe way to consolidate voice and data services.

There are several reasons why businesses should invest in a SIP Trunk Provider. For starters, SIP trunking is a seamless way to map an existing telephony structure onto the powerful features of a VoIP system. With SIP trunking, data and voice connections are bundled into one trunk line, there's no need to pay for and maintain separate lines for data, voice calls, and video conferencing. E-mail, long distance and local calls, texting, and web browsing can now be housed under one digital roof.

The expert VoIP team at came together to announce the best of the best in SIP trunk providers by analyzing their services, customer reviews, monthly rates, features and more. The team short listed two brands that are highly praised considered trustworthy by businesses. Out of the many service providers that promise SIP trunking features, here are the two SIP Trunk providers that get the job done.


As well as providing a rock-solid cloud based PBX, BroadVoice offers a competitive SIP trunking package. Their customer support team is based in the United States, and even if a company moves their home office, they can still keep their existing phone numbers. BroadVoice is a reliable SIP Trunk Provider since they maintain servers on both East and West coasts. So that means that there is not worry about losing a connection, and drops in Internet connection. BroadVoice consistently garners positive customer feedback, and its starting $11.99 rate is reasonable compared with the competition.

8x8, Inc.

Using a SIP trunk line is made easier with 8x8, Inc.'s cloud-based and hosted PBX solutions. They port the existing company phone numbers onto their own 8x8 digital voice and data network. Their service is standards-based, and they promise compatibility with most IP PBXs. This means standard broadband Internet connection remains the same. They promise an unlimited number of concurrent calls, so there is no fear of dropped calls. They offer several competitive pay structures that range from $19.99 to $29.99 a month.

With SIP trunking in place, companies can enjoy the use of voice and data under one plan. There is the benefit of VoIP without the headache of a messy overhaul to existing phone lines. SIP trunking saves money over the long term and allows the current phone numbers and broadband service companies have come to rely on in their day-to-day operations to remain in place.

Of course, it's important that businesses choose a SIP trunk provider they can trust to handle crucial voice and data lines into one serviceable and reliable hub. With the convenience of porting the current company phone directory to an Internet-based system, it makes sense to upgrade the IP PBX and phone lines into one monthly bill. Companies will realize savings on long distance calls and with a VoIP system in place, calls to connected lines within the system will be free. There's also no need to worry about changing the office toll-free number, or wasting resources updating the company web page with new information. Everything stays the same on the outside, but under the hood it's a completely unified and faster system.

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