September 27, 2011 16:41 ET

txteagle Renames as Jana, Expands Mobile Global Research and Marketing

Bridges the Worlds of Global Organizations and Emerging Market Consumers

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - Sep 27, 2011) - txteagle, a mobile technology company, announced the renaming of the company today to Jana ( Jana will grow and expand upon txteagle's mission to offer global organizations unparalleled access to emerging market consumers in over 85 countries. Jana's proprietary technology can target and reward 2.1 billion consumers in Asia, Africa, and Latin America with free mobile airtime in exchange for completing surveys or purchasing products.

"The name Jana is inspired by the Sanskrit word for 'people,'" said Nathan Eagle, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Jana. "We chose to rename txteagle because the new name highlights the focus of our business: 2.1 billion people. Jana's technology platform builds relationships between global organizations and emerging market consumers and rewards them with mobile airtime, a highly coveted form of currency that is often used to pay bills, buy goods and services, and transfer monies."

Jana provides global marketers with two product offerings in 85 markets. Jana Research provides on-the-ground market intelligence and real time insights from consumers in emerging markets. Global organizations and market research companies now have a quick and cost-effective solution for taking the pulse of the "next billion consumers" in these growing economies. Jana Marketing enables global brands to sell products with targeted, social offers. Marketers can promote products with mobile marketing campaigns, such as mobile couponing, group buying, or contests. Jana has already crafted programs for top global brands and organizations.

Between 2010 and 2011, the amount spent on goods and services in emerging markets increased by US $1.7 trillion. The rapidly growing economies and emerging middle classes in these markets present a huge opportunity for global organizations. Global brands view the high mobile phone penetration rates in emerging markets as a unique opportunity to engage directly with their next billion consumers. Jana's technology platform enables marketers to connect with those hard-to-reach consumers quickly and efficiently.

About Jana
Founded in 2009 as txteagle, Jana received $10M in funding backed by Spark Capital, the Blackberry Partners Fund, Qualcomm Ventures, Flywheel Ventures, the Royal Bank of Canada, and Esther Dyson. Based in Boston, Jana also has an office in San Francisco, with offices in emerging markets forthcoming.

Jana's platform enables global organizations to engage directly with emerging market consumers in over 85 countries via their mobile phones. Through partnerships with 232 mobile operators, Jana's proprietary technology and consumer database targets and rewards 2.1 billion consumers with free mobile airtime.

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