November 15, 2012 07:30 ET

Tynt Reveals 82% of All Content Sharing Online Occurs via Copy & Paste

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Nov 15, 2012) - Tynt, the leader in sharing solutions for publishers and content creators, today disclosed research across thousands of web publishers. Among other top findings, the data revealed that copy & paste is the most prevalent method by which users share text, images, and URLs across the web. This common behavior stems from users highlighting text or images on a web page, copying it to their clipboard, and then pasting it into emails, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Copy & paste comprises 82% of all content sharing, 4.5x more than share buttons. The study was conducted to help publishers and content creators better understand the relative impact of sharing via copy & paste on web site traffic.

Key Findings for Publishers

Why Users Are Copying
Users copy & paste content to share with others, conduct a search, and/or save it for later.
Copy Rate 2% Rate at which users are copying content from all pages they view
Share Rate 52% Rate at which users are sharing content copied from a publisher's site
Search Rate                             26% Rate at which users are searching for content that they copied from a publisher's site
What's Being Copied
Users copy text, images, and URLs for their own reference and to share with others.
Text Copy Rate 88% Percentage of total copies that are of text
Image Copy Rate 12% Percentage of total copies that are images

Large Publisher Trends
Tynt also conducted a detailed analysis of trends across the largest premium publishers in the study, and the impact of users copying content directly from their web pages and sharing it via emails, blogs, and social media.

Average Page Views/Large Premium Publisher: > 100 million per month
4.8 Million Copies/Month   3.9 Million Searches & Shares   1.1 Million New Page Views
Users highlight and copy text and images from the web pages they are viewing ->   Of the 4.8 M copies, 3.9 M (81.5%) lead to searches and shares via email, blogs, and social media ->   Copy & paste results in a massive increase of 1.1 M incremental page views, extending reach beyond regular site visitors

"The exponential rise of content sharing is often incorrectly attributed to sharing buttons on a page," said Greg Levitt, GM of Tynt's Publisher Solutions and Co-Founder of 33Across. "In reality, content sharing is caused by a far more universal user behavior: copy & paste -- the most intuitive way people curate and share the exact content that they want across the web. It's surprising, but the old highlight and right click is more popular than ever."

About Tynt
Tynt enables premium publishers and content creators to capitalize on the most common sharing method on the web: copy & paste. Tynt inserts a page URL when copied content is pasted into emails and social sites, allowing more than 600,000 publishers to improve SEO, site traffic, content insights, and brand attribution. Tynt has revolutionized user engagement measurement, helping web publishers boost site value for users and advertisers alike. Tynt is a 33Across company.