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February 17, 2011 09:00 ET

Type-In Ads Spark 'Significant, Important' Recall Boost, Study Finds

Solve Media's Methodology Proven to Double Brand Recall Over Static Ads

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 17, 2011) -  New research published in the International Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications finds online type-in advertising substantially boosts brand and message recall among study participants. According to investigators Keith E. Niedermeier, Ph.D. and Corey Pierson, type-in ads earned 65 percent brand recall and 35 percent message recall. These findings demonstrate how type-in ads deliver double the amount of brand recall and approximately 12 times message recall compared to 32.3 percent and 3.1 percent for static ads.

Type-ins are interactive ads which require the user to enter information, like a brand message or marketing slogan, into a text box in order to access content or complete a form on a website. In the study, type-ins replaced captcha boxes for human authentication on websites, presenting users with a simple logo, a brand message in quotes, and an input box. This direct interaction with the type-in ad dramatically improves brand recall, according to the study.

"[These results] suggest that online ads in a more interactive format like type-ins could play an important role in creating brand awareness and reinforcing brand messages," Niedermeier and Pierson wrote. "We feel that type-ins may have a particular utility in replacing captchas for form submission."

Solve Media, an online advertising technology company, centered its methodology on type-ins. The company's TYPE-IN™ platform serves both static and video ads in captchas as a replacement for distorted words, numbers and phrases typically used for user authentication, providing performance-based campaigns for brand advertisers with 40 percent engagement rates.

The Niedermeier and Pierson study validates Solve Media's approach to online advertising and demonstrates the advertising effectiveness of its TYPE-IN platform. Since the platform's launch in September 2010, it has been used by a number of well-known advertisers and publishers, including Toyota, Microsoft, Expedia, Dr. Pepper, Universal Pictures, AOL, Tribune, and Meredith Publishing. The company's TYPE-IN ads offer advertisers and publishers robust functionality, including brand survey and insight research capabilities, engagement analytics, video, rich media and clickable ad units as well as strict safety and security features.

"Dr. Niedermeier and Mr. Pierson's study validates what advertisers and publishers have already learned about advertising effectiveness," said Ari Jacoby, CEO of Solve Media. "The TYPE-IN solution is based on simple, timeless principles of advertising that enable brand marketers to target attentive consumers with certainty that their message is received and understood so that it can be recalled at the purchase decision point. Type-in ads provide that. Banner and pop-up ads cannot."

Research Methodology
254 subjects participated in the experiment, including graduate and undergraduate students at two large universities in the Eastern United States and general Internet users across the United States, solicited online.

Dr. Niedermeier is the Director of the Undergraduate Marketing Program at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the school's department of marketing. Mr. Pierson is a Wharton MBA graduate. Their article reporting the study findings, entitled "The Impact of Type-In Interactivity and Content Consistency of Internet Ads on Brand and Message Recall," appears in the Fall 2010 issue of the International Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications, which is published by Racom Communications, Chicago. 

Solve Media was founded by veteran entrepreneurs and technologists focused on innovative Internet advertising solutions. The Company's proprietary online advertising system, the TYPE-IN™ was designed to create new and highly-effective opportunities for brands to advertise online. The platform leverages CAPTCHA authentication for brand messaging to bring unprecedented consumer engagement. With the platform, Solve Media: guarantees brand message delivery and increases recall rates and return on investment for advertisers; creates new revenue opportunities for publishers; and simplifies the authentication process for consumers. Backed by First Round Capital, New Atlantic Ventures, AOL Ventures and prominent angel investors, Solve Media is based in New York City and Philadelphia.